Critics are supposed to be the movie experts, right? Well, sometimes there's a major discrepancy between what the critics say and what movie audiences tell us. Business Insider has put together a list of fifty movies that got totally panned by critics but have super high ratings with the normal people who watch and enjoy them.

Metacritic provided the movies made since the year 2000 that have the highest user scores — audiences love them — but the lowest critic ratings.

What do the professionals know anyway?

50. Soul Plane

Critic score: 33/100 User score: 8.6/10 Plot summary: Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) is awarded $100 million in a settlement after a humiliating experience on a plane, so he decides to start his own, totally tricked out airline. Soul Plane is a fan favorite, obviously, but the critics weren't so kind.

49. Self/less

Critic score: 34/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Billionaire Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley) is dying from cancer, so he decides to undergo an experimental medical procedure in which his consciousness is transferred to the body of a healthy young man named Edward (Ryan Reynolds). But does Edward have a dark, mysterious past? You betcha. Thrilling drama ensues. You'd think critics would be on board. Alas, they were not.

48. American Outlaws

Critic score: 25/100 User score: 7.9/10 Plot summary: In this gem, Confederate soldiers return home from the Civil War to find that a corrupt railroad baron is trying to drive people out of their homes. So they team up to defend their property and take back what's theirs. Revenge is served up warm in this movie, and audiences love that stuff. Plus Colin Farrell. People love him too.

47. Sex Ed

Critic score: 34/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Ed (Haley Joel Osment) has to provide a bunch of inner city kids with the sex ed they've never gotten, but as a perpetually single guy, he hasn't exactly had the opportunity to practice what he preaches. Even though critics hated it, audiences relished the opportunity to see the kid who sees dead people talk about sex a bunch. And we can't blame them.

46. The Man

Critic score: 33/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: This is an odd couple buddy comedy about a dental salesman (Eugene Levy) and a federal agent (Samuel L. Jackson) who are forced to work together. Instant classic, if you ask me. Critics didn't see it exactly the same way.

45. Surviving Christmas

Critic score: 19/100 User score: 7.3/10 Plot summary: Wealthy, sad loner, Drew Latham (Ben Affleck), decides to visit his childhood home over Christmas, only to find another family living there. Having no close relationships of his own, he offers the couple living in the home a huge amount of money to pretend they're his parents. People are willing to pay good money to see Ben Affleck be sad, and this movie proved that rule.

44. Sweet November

Critic score: 27/100 User score: 8.2/10 Plot summary: Nelson (Keanu Reeves) and Sara (Charlize Theron) meet at the DMV and decide to enter into a trial relationship: one month, and then they'll part ways forever. Of course, they end up falling in love. OF COURSE! Those are two beautiful people right there. Who wouldn't want to watch that love story unfold?

43. Down To Earth

Critic score: 32/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Comedian Lance (Chris Rock) finds himself at heaven's door, but he's convinced it's a mistake. And he's right! He's given a chance to return to Earth in the body of a rich mogul who was just murdered by his wife. Chris Rock is one of the world's best comedians, and seeing him on screen is enough to entertain most people. Critics didn't agree, I suppose.

42. Just Before I Go

Critic score: 24/100 User score: 7.9/10 Plot summary: Ted Morgan (Sean William Scott) returns to his hometown to make amends before giving up on life. "Sean William Scott?? In a dramatic role?? Sign me up!" — every person in the United States of America

41. Pali Road

Critic score: 38/100 User score: 9.3/10 Plot summary: A doctor (Michelle Chen) wakes up from a car accident to discover she's married to a different man and living a wholly unrecognizable life. How is this not everyone's favorite movie? The premise alone could entertain me for hours. Critics were disappointed, but we can't blame them. They're not human, clearly.

40. Someone Like You...

Critic score: 32/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: After a bad breakup, Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd) begins a study of the male animal using the model of animal behavior. Ashley Judd laying the law down on the lesser sex? Yes please.

39. Black Knight

Critic score: 32/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Jamal (Martin Lawrence), who works at the Medieval World amusement park, gets hit in the head and wakes up in 14th century England. This is a classic film, obviously, and any critic who had a negative word about it should apologize immediately.

38. The Punisher

Critic score: 33/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: The Punisher is Marvel's vigilante assassin, so this has to be amazing. Undercover FBI agent and former Marine Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) becomes a one-man crime-stopping machine in this action flick. "Marvel," "vigilante," and "assassin" are the only words audiences needed to fall in love with The Punisher.

37. The New Guy

Critic score: 24/100 User score: 8.0/10 Plot summary: Nerdy high school kid Dizzy Harrison (D.J. Qualls) gets the chance of a lifetime. He transforms into a total popular kid at his new school and tries to destroy the whole social system. If you were alive in the 2000s, you saw this movie playing on TV approximately 3,105,681,074,791 times. And you watched — and loved — it every time.

36. They

Critic score: 31/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Julia (Laura Regan) finally got her life together after experiencing debilitating night terrors as a kid. But when a friend commits suicide, the night terrors return, and she's not the only one having them... Good horror movies are hard to come by. Bad horror movies are much more common. But bad horror movies are still so fun to watch, so it's OK.

35. Antitrust

Critic score: 31/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Milo (Ryan Phillippe) lands his dream job at a computer company, but he soon starts to discover dark secrets about the firm. Ryan Phillippe was the "it" boy of the early 2000s. Any excuse to watch him on the big screen was a good excuse.

34. Sonny

Critic score: 31/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Former male prostitute Sonny (James Franco) returns home to New Orleans to find his family facing extreme financial difficulties. Reluctantly, Sonny begins working the streets again. James Franco has always been magnetic to watch. C'mon, critics. Those teary eyes don't do it for you?

33. Half Past Dead

Critic score: 23/100 User score: 7.9/10 Plot summary: An undercover agent (Steven Seagal) tries to stop a criminal mastermind from pulling off his plan to infiltrate a high-security prison to make a death row inmate reveal where he hid $200 million in gold. Steven Seagal movies are the gold standard of critical duds. The critics probably didn't even try to like it.

32. Here On Earth

Critic score: 25/100 User score: 8.2/10 Plot summary: When Kelley Morse (Chris Klein) races his car and destroys a diner, he, a posh private school kid, is forced to interact with the residents of the diner's small town. Rich kid forced to face his privilege? Always a joy to watch. Melodramatic? Sure. Sappy? Of course. Will make you weep copious real tears? Absolutely.

31. Hell Ride

Critic score: 25/100 User score: 8.2/10 Plot summary: Two rival biker gangs reignite their old rivalry. It's a macho biker/outlaw movie in the tradition of old spaghetti westerns. Westerns = great. Motorcycles = great. It's a winning equation. (Movie critics never were good at math.)

30. Cursed

Critic score: 31/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Two siblings, Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg), try to help a woman who crashed her car when they're attacked by a werewolf. Werewolf movies get a bad rap ever since An American Werewolf in London set the bar so high. But we as a society need to be nicer to werewolf movies. In fact, I am starting WMAS, the Werewolf Movie Appreciation Society. Join me, won't you?

29. Deception

Critic score: 31/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Corporate auditor Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor) meets charismatic lawyer Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman), who introduces him to The List, an underground sex club. But there are much darker affairs afoot. Amazing actors, dark, thrilling premise. What more could critics ask for?

28. Pulse

Critic score: 27/100 User score: 8.4/10 Plot summary: A psychology student (Kristen Bell) and her friends begin receiving eerie emails and video messages after her boyfriend commits suicide. When people start disappearing, she teams up with a hacker (Ian Somerhalder) to find and destroy this deadly force. See above comment in re: horror movies. When they're bad, they're still great.

27. Corky Romano

Critic score: 20/100 User score: 7.7/10 Plot summary: Corky Romano (Chris Kattan) receives a call from his father, Pop (Peter Falk), a crime lord who's been indicted and needs his son to infiltrate the FBI and remove the evidence against him. The hacker that helps Corky get into the FBI accidentally makes him look like a super agent, and now he's stuck taking on one case after another. Oops. Corky Romano is one of those movies that you can't help but love. You might not ADMIT that you love it, but you secretly do.

26. Hector And The Search For Happiness

Critic score: 29/100 User score: 8.6/10 Plot summary: A psychiatrist embarks on an international journey to find what will make him happy. Simon Pegg can do no wrong. Next.

25. London

Critic score: 24/100 User score: 8.2/10 Plot summary: Syd (Chris Evans) crashes his ex's going away party and ends up in having a drug-fueled conversation with a stranger (Jason Statham). Captain America having a heart-to-heart with the Transporter? Yes please. How did critics not see this for the beautiful jewel of a movie it is?

24. Domestic Disturbance

Critic score: 29/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Frank Morrison (John Travolta) discovers that his ex-wife's new husband (Vince Vaughn) is bad news. And now he must protect his son at all costs. This movie is a classic serving of real dad vs. stepdad, with a sprinkle of murder. That's a recipe for success.

23. She Hate Me

Critic score: 28/100 User score: 8.6/10 Plot summary: When Jack Armstrong (Anthony Mackie) gets fired from his job, he agrees to impregnate his ex-fiancée and a bunch of other women for money. It may have been critically panned, but She Hate Me is a Spike Lee film, and he's always a fan favorite.

22. Grind

Critic score: 30/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: A few friends from Chicago travel across the country to watch a famous skateboarder compete. It's got Adam Brody and what I'm sure is a soundtrack you could only dream of in your 2003-teenaged brain. What else could you possibly need?

21. The Quiet

Critic score: 34/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Deaf teen Dot (Camilla Belle) moves in with her godparents, the Deers, after her father dies. The Deers' daughter, Nina (Elisha Cuthbert) is mean to Dot but reveals some dark, dramatic secrets of her own. Needless to say, audiences loved the dark melodrama of The Quiet. So maybe critics should have taken a hint from the title and shushed themselves.

20. The Replacements

Critic score: 30/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Playoffs are approaching and the Washington Sentinels are on strike. The team's owner decides to bring in a new coach and replace the entire team in one week. For all these guys, it's exactly the second chance they've been waiting for. The Replacements is an undisputed classic. Case closed. End of story.

19. BloodRayne

Critic score: 18/100 User score: 7.7/10 Plot summary: In 18th-century Romania, human-vampire hybrid Rayne (Kristanna Loken) plots to take down her evil vampire father, Kagan (Ben Kingsley). Vampires, like werewolves, tend to get a bad rap from critics when they appear in movies. This monster movie discrimination has got to stop.

18. Without A Paddle

Critic score: 29/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Three childhood friends decide to take to the Oregon wilderness to find bank robber D.B. Cooper's legendary stash. Dax Shepard, Seth Green, and Matthew Lillard are an unstoppable comedic team. It's just a fact.

17. Branded

Critic score: 20/100 User score: 8.0/10 Plot summary: A former advertising executive (Ed Stoppard) uncovers a sinister global conspiracy involving corporations getting into people's heads to keep them disillusioned and dependent consumers. Sounds like a bunch of people independently thought this movie was great. They weren't tricked by a giant corporation at all.

16. I Melt With You

Critic score: 26/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Four college friends meet up in Big Sur to catch up n their lives, but things take a turn when they dredge up a dark secret from their past. In case you can't tell from the picture, those four friends are played by Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane, and Christian McKay, so a-yeah, this movie is pretty great.

15. Dracula 2000

Critic score: 26/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Thieves break into a vault and steal Dracula's coffin, which Dracula uses as a convenient excuse to escape and wreak havoc. Again, vampires gettin' a bad rap. Sucks for them. (Get it?)

14. Sorority Row

Critic score: 24/100 User score: 8.6/10 Plot summary: A prank-gone-wrong leaves five sorority sisters responsible for the death of one of their own. Instead of fessing up the crime, the girls decide to cover it up. This doesn't go well. Bad horror movies are still good movies. How many times do we have to say this?

13. In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Critic score: 15/100 User score: 7.8/10 Plot summary: A man named Farmer (Jason Statham) embarks on a quest to find his kidnapped wife and avenge their son, who was murdered. Audiences didn't care that this movie had a ridiculously long title that made little sense. They wanted to see Jason Statham kick some ass, and honestly, we do too.

12. Ready To Rumble

Critic score: 23/100 User score: 8.6/10 Plot summary: Two fans of legendary wrestler Jimmy King (Oliver Platt) plot to get the King his title back after it's taken away from him by Diamond Dallas Page. If you're a fan of wrestling, this movie is for you. If you're an uptight movie critic, it's probably not.

11. Out Cold

Critic score: 22/100 User score: 8.5/10 Plot summary: It's an ensemble comedy about snowboarders working at a resort on Alaska's Bull Mountain. Zach Galifianakis stars in it, and he's hilarious! If you don't laugh at Zach Galifianakis, you don't have a soul.

10. Double Take

Critic score: 25/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Successful New York banker Daryl Chase (Orlando Jones) is on the run and has to switch identities with petty thief, Freddy Tiffany (Eddie Griffin). Ah, the old switcheroo. Fun times to be had by all (except cranky critics).

9. Whatever It Takes

Critic score: 20/100 User score: 8.5/10 Plot summary: Nerdy teen Ryan (Shane West) is in love with the popular girl, and popular jock Chris (James Franco) is taken with Ryan's brainy friend, so they team up to help each other get the girl. Whatever happened to the teen movie? Critics, that's what.

8. Marci X

Critic score: 20/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: The spoiled daughter (Lisa Kudrow) of a record executive steps in to deal with bad-boy rapper, Dr. S (Damon Wayans). This sounds bonkers and wonderful. Lisa Kudrow is a national treasure. And Damon Wayans isn't so bad himself.

7. Valentine

Critic score: 18/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: Five women are searching for relationships, but they get more than they bargained for when they're stalked by a creepy masked assailant. Critics don't understand what the people want on Valentine's Day. They don't want some hokey romance; they want cold-blooded murder.

6. Deuces Wild

Critic score: 16/100 User score: 8.6/10 Plot summary: It's 1958 in Brooklyn and a violent gang war breaks out. Two brothers and their friends, "The Deuces," do everything they can to maintain their way of life. It's like Grease without the music. Or the happiness.

5. Extreme Days

Critic score: 17/100 User score: 8.9/10 Plot summary: Four extreme-sports loving friends set off on one last adventure together before settling into their adult lives. Extreme sports movies had their heyday in the 2000s, and no matter how silly they were, they were always fun to watch.

4. Darkness

Critic score: 15/100 User score: 8.8/10 Plot summary: A family barely settles into their new country home before strange things start happening. This leads the family to discover that the house they call home has a dark history that may explain the dangerous, supernatural occurrences. Haunted house movies are always classic people-pleasers. Nothing wrong with that.

3. Kung Pow: Enter The Fist

Critic score: 14/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: Writer-director Steve Oedekerk injects himself digitally into an old Hong Kong karate movie from 1976 called Savage Killers and blends it with new material to create a totally bonkers comedy. This movie is original! It has a distinct voice! The people know, and the people love it.

2. Screwed

Critic score: 7/100 User score: 8.0/10 Plot summary: Willard Fillmore (Norm Macdonald), disgruntled chauffeur to Miss Crock (Elaine Stritch), decides to seek revenge by kidnapping her dog and holding it for ransom. Needless to say, the plan doesn't work out the way he plans. I could watch Norm Macdonald pick his nose for two hours and be entertained. So this movie gets a big thumbs up.

1. Transylmania

Critic score: 8/100 User score: 8.7/10 Plot summary: In this horror spoof, a group of college students spend a semester abroad in a Romanian castle, and obviously the place is overrun with vampires! Once again, vampires are unfairly lambasted by critics. Maybe it's time for movie critics to hold a mirror up to themselves (not the vampires, they can't see anything) and really reflect on their truly bad opinions.