6-Year-Old and 7-Year-Old Brothers Die in Car Crash After Taking Grandma’s Car for Joy Ride

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Horrifying news of a car accident involving 2 brothers has come in from Missouri, and the state has been left completely devastated.

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On May 30th, a devastating car crash took place at Blue Mills and Miller, just outside of Kansas City.

But, sadly, the 2 boys inside the car couldn’t be saved.

But, what makes this accident even more heartbreaking is the age of those involved.

It was confirmed that the 2 passengers, who are yet to be officially named to the press, were only 6 and 7-years-old.

Police believe that the 7-year-old was behind the wheel at the time of the crash, and his younger brother was in the passenger seat. Neither were wearing seatbelts.

Before joining a county road, KMOV reported. But at some point, the 7-year-old lost control of the vehicle and swerved it into the side of the road.

And somehow became airborne.

But it was then sent back up into the air, hitting an electrical wire and landing on its roof, according to KHSB.

It really is the most horrifying tragedy.

Which was roped off with caution tape and surrounded by ambulances and police vehicles. He captioned his post: “MSHP investigating double fatality accident at Blue Mills and Miller (unincorporated area of Jackson County) involving two children. MSHP will provide updates.”

“It’s pretty unique, to say the least, and devastating,” Sgt. Andy Bell said.

How on earth were 2 children of such a young age able to drive a car completely unattended?

The boys had stolen the keys to their grandmother’s car.

All while their poor, unsuspecting grandmother was in the house.

And many people have been taking to social media to share their condolences.

And expressing how these mistakes can happen to anyone.

Many social media users have been quick to slam whoever was caring for the boys that day, and pointed out that kids need to be “watched like a hawk.”

Evidently, these people haven’t had children before.

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