‘7 Priests Walk Into a Bar and’…You Haven’t Heard THIS One Before!

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When seven Catholic student priests make their way through the world in full dress, you can’t be too surprised if a few people are…a little incredulous.

So they ducked into the City Arms pub in Cardiff, Wales to grab a pint or two.

The reason will have you in stitches!

He thought the priests were just a bunch of dudes in costumes, so he turned them away, thinking they would get rowdy with the low-key, mid-day clientele. Whoops!

As men of God, I’m sure they were also quite convincing, because they go through the door no problem after that.

I guess it’s good press for the bar and maybe even good press for the church, showing that their team can take a joke and doesn’t mind cutting loose!

Check out Rev. James drinking a…Reverend James. Something tells me they’ll be back!