High school seniors all across the country have had to deal with the devastating news that proms have been canceled due to the pandemic.

This has led some to take matters into their own hands and get creative with the end of term celebrations.

Keep scrolling to find out what one young boy did for his babysitter after finding out about her prom...


We all remember our senior prom...

Good or bad, it's a once in a lifetime experience to celebrate the end of that chapter of your life.

Some meticulously plan it, down to every last detail.

The dress, the tux, the hair, the matching ties, it's a magical experience.

It's the one thing everyone looks forward to.

Even if they don't admit it.

But this year, proms have taken a different turn...

With some being canceled completely.

High school proms all across the country have been canceled due to the pandemic.

Although, alternatives have been cropping up for the countless disappointed teens left staring at unused formal wear hanging in their closets.

Prom is an annual rite of passage.

And for many young adults, the timing of this lockdown has been heartbreaking.

But one lucky teen has a secret admirer...

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Who wasn't going to let her miss the celebrations.

When prom was canceled for one seventeen-year-old, the little boy she babysits came to her rescue.

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Rachel Chapman was surprised by 7-year-old Curtis Rogers when he set up his own little prom day.

Curtis put the event together in his own backyard, with help from his mom.

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"I was so surprised," Rachel said. "I had no idea he was going to go all out. It was very thoughtful and sweet."

For over a year she's been looking after Curtis.

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The senior at Sanderson High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been watching Curtis part-time after school.

She picks him up from school, takes him to the playground, piano lessons, and helps with his homework.

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"She has become apart of our family ... he absolutely adores her," said Curtis' mom, Elissa Rogers "She's a just great person with good heart so it's been a blessing to have her helping us out with Curtis."

All senior events came to a halt for Rachel and her classmates when the pandemic hit.

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And it resulted in her taking time out from babysitting Curtis for 2 months.

Rogers explained the situation to her son, along with the fact Rachel's prom was canceled...

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"His response was, 'We can throw a mini prom' and it grew from there."

He dressed in a suit and planned out the whole day, even picking the menu.

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Peanut butter and apples for an appetizer, Chick-fil-A for the main course, and smoothies for dessert.

At the start, Curtis made a toast to Rachel, followed by a socially distanced dance.

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A 6-foot pool noodle and jump ropes were used to separate the pair.

She was overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness.

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"It was a sweet thing for him to do," Rachel's mom, Becky Chapman said. "They have a special relationship."

All this comes at a special time for Rachel.

As she is set to attend East Carolina University in the fall where she'll study public health.

Check out what Curtis had to say below...

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