8 Sneaky Brilliant Hacks We’re Using to Free up Hard Drive Space on Our iPhones

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Our smartphones are truly nothing short of amazing. We have these powerful computers within arm’s reach, the world literally at our fingertips, and yet we mostly use them to document our lattes. That’s ok. We love our lattes. But what we don’t love is when we have the perfect latte in front of us, and no storage on our phone to take the perfect photo.

It’s happened to all of us. The baby walked but you couldn’t take a video. Your puppy can’t figure out stairs. Your daughter gave the cat a full makeover. All these moments relegated to the low, low place of your own memory because your phone was too full to capture them.

Will anyone believe that you sat next to Bill Murray? Will anyone know just how cute the cat looked in the tutu and top hat? Will anyone know that your feet looked great by that pool? To save yourself from this miserable scenario, here are some tips to free up space on your phone:

They’re not all winners. You don’t need to keep that conversation you had with your husband from two separate bathrooms that was mostly emojis and GIFs. It’s been a year, you no longer need the play by play of your friend’s wait in her dentist’s office. Purge with abandon.

In versions of iOS 10 or higher, users can now delete many of the pre-installed apps that no one ever uses. Precious storage real estate is taken up by the Stocks and Compass apps. According to Apple, removing these doesn’t free up space because they are designed to be very small. But are we going to trust the people who purposely designed our batteries to fail so that we’d buy new phones after 2 years? No thank you. Buh-bye, Stocks.

Like a USB drive, these little devices can pack a powerful storage punch. You can download personal items like photos, videos, and music that you own. However, do to copyright protections, you can not use them to download music from Spotify or large games, or movies that you’ve downloaded from Netflix.

Do you snap 3 or 4 pictures every time you take a photo, just to be sure? If so, then you can probably easily delete at least half of the pictures sitting on your phone right now. We all have apps we no longer use, notes that are no longer relevant, and a bunch of other storage hogging junk that we don’t need anymore. Clean house!

There are several great apps that will automatically transfer your photos (sometimes for free!) to the cloud. This frees up a ton of space on your phone. Google Photos, iCloud Photo Library, and even Amazon Prime have options for cloud storage. Each one has slightly different features, so check them out to see which suits you best.

Sure, you want to see photos of your new baby niece or your best friend’s honeymoon, but these people take a lot of photos. These shared streams take up huge amounts of storage. Instead, see the highlights on their social media accounts.

You don’t have one hundred and eleven hours to devote to catching up on Radiolab, and if you haven’t finished Serial by now you’re not going to. Delete. Delete. Delete.

This is pretty cool. When you are in a pinch and are out of storage but don’t have time to cull your photos and podcasts because ZOMG the dog is so cute romping in the snow right this minute! you can try this quick, sneaky fix. Go to iTunes and find some large, HD movie for rent. Click the “Rent” button. Your phone will quickly realize that it doesn’t have enough space and it will automatically dump a bunch of cached data from apps and websites. Don’t worry, you won’t get charged the rental fee for the movie. This won’t free up enough space for the HD movie, but it will give you enough to get the photo of the dog right this minute. Later, you’ll still need to clear out some serious space.