An 8-year-old girl has given the United States a serious reality check by saying now "expects" mass shootings after she narrowly avoided a shooting in Washington D.C on Saturday night.

Washington D.C. baseball fans were horrified on Saturday night when a shootout involving two cars occurred just outside the Nationals baseball stadium. According to CBS Sports, the shots could be heard clearly by the many fans who were sitting inside the stadium watching the game, some of whom fled to the nearby team dugouts to find cover.

Among the chaos and terror was 8-year-old Faris Nunn, who was enjoying the baseball game with her family when the shots were fired.

In a tweet posted by The Tennessee Holler, Faris explained how quickly it all happened:

"I saw people looking that way. And I didn't know what was going on until I heard someone say get down, so I just started going under the seats," she said. "It was my second shooting. So I was kind of prepared... because I always am expecting something to happen."

Of course, people have been left utterly horrified and heartbroken by Faris' comments.

"So sad that this is 'normalized' now. Our children are growing up expecting violence at any moment. What kind of emotional toll does that take on young minds," one person tweeted.

"Children shouldn't have to be prepared for something bad to happen. Our society has a problem, when our kids are exposed to traumatic events, far too often," another said.

One person even wrote: "Trauma is everyday life in the U.S."

The D.C. Police Department stated the incident sent 3 people to the hospital - 2 suspects who were directly involved in the shooting, as well as a woman who was attending the game but had been outside the stadium when the shots rang out.

The events of Saturday night had a clear impact on parents who hoped to bring their children to the game on the following day and WUSA 9 spoke to many parents who were forced to acknowledge the dangerous realities that suddenly became so clear.

One parent, for example, shared how she consulted the park map to gauge the situation: "Our seats are right by a door or an exit. So yeah, we're good. We're right behind the bullpen. So we're in the back and we know how to get out."

According to Forbes, there have been 336 mass shootings this year, twenty of which occurred in July which is roughly 2 every day this year. And over the Fourth of July weekend, in total there were more than 400 shootings and at least 150 deaths from gun violence.

While many argue that U.S citizens have the right to bear arms, something urgently needs to be done about our gun laws before even more innocent people and children die at the hands of gun violence. Something needs to change... right now.