80-Year-Old Man Builds a Dog Train To Take Rescued Stray Dogs on Adventures | 22 Words

Amidst all the doom and gloom - especially with the coronavirus pandemic - it's nice to read some good news for a change.

Well, this week our prayers have been answered - and it comes in the form of some truly heart-melting dog-related news.

An eighty-year-old man has built a dog train for stray dogs and it's the most wholesome thing we've ever seen. Keep scrolling to watch the adorable clip...

Dogs are truly man's best friend.

Whether they’re causing mischief, giving us those puppy eyes when they want a treat, or taking up the whole sofa, many of us couldn’t live without our furry friends.

In fact, it's basically what unites the internet.

There’s one thing it seems we can all agree on – our canine pals are too good for this world.

They are part of the family.

Once you’re a dog parent, it’s hard to imagine a life without having a pooch to come home to.

And they remain one of our nation's favorite pets.

Admit it, all of us pestered our parents for a pet dog at some point during our childhoods… or adulthoods…

But, it's no secret that dogs aren't for everyone...

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And that’s fair enough. But what isn’t fair enough is when people neglect and abuse dogs, or any animal, for that matter.

Too many people still hurt and abandon innocent and defenseless animals...

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Shockingly, about seventy million stray animals are living in the U.S. alone - proving that alarming numbers of people think it's acceptable to dump or abandon their pets.

But of course, there is hope.

Many of these animals are rescued so they can be adopted and find their forever homes.

All a dog needs is a second chance...

And for someone to care for them.

Well, that's exactly what eighty-year-old Eugene Bostick, from Fort Worth, Texas is doing.

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Eugene has made it his mission to help out as many rescued stray dogs as possible.

Although, he's taken a more unconventional route, shall we say...

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Why? Because he spends his time operating his homemade train that takes rescued stray dogs out for rides around the neighborhood.

Eugene and his brother, Corky, live on a street where people tend to bring their unwanted dogs to abandon them.

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So, after noticing the problem, Eugene set up a makeshift shelter and began taking the pooches for rides in his tractor.

But, he soon had a better idea...

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“We started feeding these abandoned animals, letting them in, taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered. We made a place for dog rescues to live," Eugene revealed to The Dodo. "I seen this guy with a tractor who attached these carts to pull rocks. I thought, ‘Dang, that would do for a dog train.’ I’m a pretty good welder, so I took these plastic barrels with holes cut in them, and put wheels under them and tied them together."

“I started out with my tractor… I’d put 4-5 dogs in there and take them riding."

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"All of a sudden, a couple more dogs showed up. I said, ‘Oh, that’s not enough room’ – and that’s when I came up with that," he continued.

The eighty-year-old takes the dogs out for a train ride twice a week.

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And these precious pooches love it. “Whenever these adorable dogs hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited."

Watch the heartwarming clip below:

This is the best thing we've ever seen. Want to read more like this? Keep scrolling to watch the hilarious moment one clever canine reports himself missing...