80-Year-old Veteran Has Made Homemade Wooden Christmas Toys for Kids for 50 Years

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The count down to Christmas has begun. It’s that time of year where children have already written a list of things they’re hoping for this Christmas, and are waiting for the moment they can leave Santa Claus with some treats on Christmas Eve while he passes through their homes to deliver presents.


But, not all children are so fortunate as to recieve all the gifts they’ve asked Mr. Claus for… Even with their parents trying their best to give them everything they deserve.

So, one man is doing everything in his power to make as many Christmases as magical as he possibly can, and he’s been doing so for over fifty years.


Jim Annis, an eighty-year-old army veteran has been busy in Santa’s workshop making sure children around the North Carolina area are gifted with beautiful wooden toys on Christmas Day.

Talking to ABC 11, he said: “When the Salvation Army gives out the food and clothes to people in this area, I give out my toys.”

Christmas is undoubtedly the most magical time of year for children and adults alike around the globe. But, sometimes, the magic can prove to be difficult to keep alive when you have little money.

Annis has experienced this first hand growing up…


Because, although his dad worked hard, he found the Christmas period difficult with 5 children, leaving Annis’s Christmases smaller than the rest of the children he knew.

Well, Annis doesn’t want any child to feel left out, and that’s why he spends over $1,000 on material to help make hundreds of gifts for children all around him.

“When the Salvation Army gives out the food and clothes to people in this area, I give out my toys,”┬áhe said, disclosing that he makes over 300 toys each year.


And what’s the one thing Jim Annis loves the most about his Christmas workshop tradition?

Making children feel cared for.

All he wants is to make sure that when an excited child wakes up on Christmas day, nudging their siblings, telling them to hurry on along so they can go downstairs to see if Santa Claus had paid a visit the night before, they’re met with something under their tree.

And it doesn’t matter how big or small the gift is, as long as they have something under that tree to smile at, Annis knows he’s done something very special.


And now we’re reminded what Christmas is all about…

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Showing love and appreciation for those around you.

“I love when people ask me how much do I get paid for making these toys. I tell them my pay is when I see the smile on kids’ faces.

“I hope to be able to do this until my toes curl up,” he finished.

We’re not crying, you are.