81-Year-Old Woman ‘Comes Back to Life’ After Doctors Pronounced Her Dead And She Was Put in a Morgue

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One of the consistent mysteries that always seems to be cropping up is what happens to us after we die. While many religions promise to know the fate of our souls in excruciating detail, science tends to lean more towards an absence of consciousness. But now, one woman has had a glimpse of what happens after we leave our mortal forms – and the internet has found it incredibly terrifying.


You’re rushed to hospital when feeling not-so-good – and then …

An intestinal obstruction, to be exact.

So wrong, in fact, that you end up pronounced dead on the operating table.

But while there – you wake up!

If it’s frightening for you, it must be ten times worse for those poor unsuspecting morgue staff!

We all know that we’re definitely going to die one day – and the mystery of what happens afterwards is pretty scary to consider.

Many look at those who’ve had near death experiences to help us try to understand what happens when we cease to exist in the accepted sense of the word.

The idea that the essence of our personhood exists outside of our physical forms would suggest that, after death, there’s some form of continuation.

There are many tropes concerning near-death experiences that have permeated our culture, like walking towards a tunnel of light.

While there are a few differences between what major religions tend to think, there is an idea of an afterlife as a reward that permeates western beliefs.

Because, if there’s a Heaven, then, by rights, there should also be a Hell – and that’s a pretty frightening concept.

Because, if there’s no Heaven or Hell, and no soul, then where does that leave us after we die? If all there is, is total oblivion, that’s pretty terrifying.

And since we likely won’t actually find out until we die, it’s probably going to stay that way. Or so we thought – until this new story came to our attention.

Or, like, close enough!

But it seems as though one doctor didn’t do enough to check her vitals…  

As discovered by some (likely petrified) morgue workers. This story started at the Gorshechensky Central District Hospital in Russia.

But when a worker came to check on the body at 8 am, Zinaida had moved to the floor.

But had ended up falling off the table – and immediately began asking the morgue worker for help.

Then slowly moved into the realm of confusion…

It’s reported Zinadia was legally dead for at least 15 minutes but had no recollection of anything.

Where it’s likely the doctors involved will face an investigation. Want more near-death experiences? Scroll on…