9-Year-Old Becomes Youngest to Die From Coronavirus in Florida

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Devastatingly, a young girl has just become the youngest victim of the coronavirus pandemic, at the age of just 9-years-old.


Since December 2019, a deadly outbreak of the coronavirus – or COVID-19, as it is scientifically referred to as – has brought the world to a total standstill.

Ultimately forcing millions of people to quarantine at home.

And our once-bustling streets were left deserted.

The virus has spread across the globe like wildfire and, at the time of writing, there are now over fifteen million coronavirus cases with a further 637,000 deaths.

We are by far one of the worst affected.

Maybe it was our President’s delayed response to the pandemic? Or perhaps his constant down-playing of the severity of the virus?

All over the country, anti-lockdown and anti-mask protests have been taking place, despite the lingering threat of the virus.

The fact remains that there are over 4 million coronavirus cases here in the States alone, and a further 147,000 deaths.

As of July 9, 241,904 children in the U.S. have contracted the virus, and sixty-six have died, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ count of publicly available data.

This is not okay.

And, sadly, things are continuing to deteriorate.

But, sadly, some are struggling to obey the few rules still in place – for example, so many people have been filmed causing scenes when refusing to wear face masks in public spaces.

A young girl has become the youngest coronavirus victim in the entire state.

And a further 282 have been hospitalized for treatment.

Now, these statistics come after it was falsely claimed that children can not contract the virus.

Gov. Ron DeSantis caused controversy in April when he claimed that coronavirus does not “threaten kids” and that there had not been a “single fatality” nationwide of anyone under twenty-five-years-old.

At the time of his statement, there had already been at least 5 deaths in that age group.

Anyway, 4 of these Florida children have since passed away as a result of their illness…

And now, a 9-year-old girl has just become the youngest to die in the whole state.

Prior to this death, the youngest fatalities were in an eleven-year-old boy in Miami-Dade County, and an eleven-year-old girl in Broward County.

But it is still uncertain as to whether she had any underlying health conditions.

And it serves as a poignant reminder that this pandemic is far from over.

But, sadly, there are too many ignorant people out there. Keep scrolling to read about the beachgoer who broke lockdown regulations because “he didn’t know anyone with the virus”…