9-Year-Old Fills Empty Lip Balm With Cheese to Eat in Class

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Kids nowadays are getting smart.

Long gone are the days of throwing paper airplanes and sneakily sticking gum under desks, because 4th graders are apparently getting very savvy with their classroom antics.

One mom recently went viral after she shared a photo of what her 9-year-old daughter had taken into class – An empty lip balm tube stuffed with cheese. Yes, this legendary girl had gone through to the effort of creating the lip balm replica so that she could sit and snack on cheese in class without her teacher noticing. Sheer genius, if you ask me.

Keep scrolling to see the handmade contraption, which I will definitely look into sculpting for my next meeting…

School can be one hungry place.

We all remember it. Sitting in class, stomach rumbling, watching the minutes to lunchtime slowly tick by.

Because rather than sitting and waiting miserably for lunchtime to arrive, this 4th grader, from Missouri, has taken matters into her own hands.

By sneaking in a snack in the most amazing way…

Instead of slyly nibbling on a chocolate bar under her desk, or subtly eating candy from her pocket, this girl molded a block of cheese into a lip balm tube. Round of applause, anyone?

This video is a compilation of back-to-school pranks on sneaking food into class from Troom Troom, a DIY life hacks channel. In the video, they use an empty glue stick container but the girl’s household didn’t have any of those laying around, so the young inventor picked the next best thing.

As you can see, the cheese has even been moulded to be an exact replica of a regular lip balm stick.

“I was just looking on YouTube because I was bored and I found this video and I decided to do it,” the girl, whose mother asked that her name not be published, told Buzzfeed. “I just took some of my dad’s cheese, sliced it up, and put it in the chapstick container.”

Snitches get stitches, Valerie…

Though a cheese pageant mom is notably less creepy than a regular pageant mom.

Yep, this girl is definitely going places.

Because come on, Valerie. You’re supposed to be on her side! But Valerie addressed all those calling her a cheese narc and insisted that she just wanted to tell her teacher the funny story to brighten up her day (and distract her from her unfair salary).

And her teacher was actually very amused by the whole thing.

She is ridiculously ahead of her time.

And the whole thing brought with it some excellent pun opportunities…

Berts Bries. Perhaps even more genius than the invention itself…

And will even be featured in her school’s next newsletter! Not bad for sneaking a tube of cheese into class, is it?

But for now, here’s a list of genius inventions that already exist, just to save you from sneaking cheese into your next meeting…