This 90-Year-Old Grandma Took the Internet By Storm With Her Hilarious Self-Portraits | 22 Words

Sometimes it takes a joyful presence to remind you how silly and lovely life can be.

This joyful presence happens to be a 90-year-old Japanese grandma who loves taking ridiculous pictures of herself.

This is Kimiko Nishimoto.

She has pretty much exploded the Internet with her hilarious self-portrait photos, in which she's a witch or a frog or getting run over by a car.

Her Instagram account is chock full of hilarious photos of this intrepid woman.

She runs her own Instagram account and even edits her photos by herself. It's insanely impressive!

Kimiko Kishimoto's photos are playful and hilarious.

She's not afraid of looking silly or wearing funny costumes. And that's what makes her a true hero.

The birds

Could you photoshop something like this? Because I definitely could not.

Woman down

Ah yes, the traditional "90-year-old woman falling off a mountain bike" self-portrait. The next one truly brings out her spirit.


Raise your hand if you've ever put things up your nose for fun. No? Just me and Kimiko? OK then.

Bunny on a broom

Look at how much fun she's having! This woman should be in charge of everyone having fun always.


She went full witch in this spooky picture! No joke, I am super impressed by the effect that looks like she's moving through the air and I want to know how she does it.

Crack in the wall

Does she do weddings? Because I'd like to hire her as my wedding photographer.


What a beautiful soul! Her sense of humor and the light she brings to others is so admirable. The next one will really get you going.


Usain Bolt got nothing on Kimiko when she's blazing down the sidewalk in her motorized scooter.

Bunny behind bars

Have you ever seen a sillier, sadder rabbit? I love this pic so much I just might make it the background of my phone.

Floating in reverence

How does she do this?! My theory is that she's so full of light and laughter that she can actually float.

Grocery thief

There she is again, this time after clearly stealing a bunch of fresh vegetables from the supermarket.

Bag lady

This one is full of pain and drama. Who knew she had such depth? The next one returns to the land of the silly.

The morning paper

She looks so relaxed for someone who's currently getting her legs crushed by a speeding car.

Doorway surprise

Does it get any cuter than this?! The answer is no.

Running start

That's clearly a world-class athlete right there. Honestly, though, she can probably run faster than I can.

Bearly there

Is that a bear costume?! I think it's a polar bear. Well, whatever it is, it's adorable.

Scooter down

Mid-crash pics are always the best. The next one is just super sweet.

Orange lady

Kimiko's caption for this photo is simply, "I like oranges." We can see that!

Big building

Do you think it's supposed to look like she's trying to hold up the building and not let it fall down? She's clearly very strong.


I love that she looks like a sweet, old lady but she has such a silly streak in her! And she's willing to make people laugh in public!

Oh hello there

She's gotten so successful that she's even had shows of her artwork at galleries and stuff! She's achieving her dreams!

Silly bunny

Yeah, she's achieving her dreams while looking like this. She's got it all figured out. The next one might take you a minute to figure out.

Out of reach

I wonder what this photo symbolizes. I think it represents how Kimiko really wants an apple, but she just can't seem to reach one.


This photo both asks and answers the question, "How many scarves can one woman wear while still looking super cool?"

On the run

There's a lot going on here. And I love all of it.

Down for the count

Oh no! Now she dragged a friend down with her into the street while cars zoom on by.


Of course this woman is in control of her household! Love this pic so much. Share this with someone who needs Kimiko in their life!