90-Year-Old Man Risks His Own Life to Say Final Goodbye to Wife of 30 Years After 4 Months Apart

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After his wife of thirty years was diagnosed with coronavirus, this ninety-year-old man risked his own life so he could say goodbye to her.

The video of the couple is absolutely heartbreaking but it’s a must-watch.

A married couple will love each other, in both sickness and in health.

It is quite unusual in today’s day and age for a married couple to stay together longer than a decade.

Figures show that the average U.S. marriage only lasts around 7 years… Which doesn’t really give a couple much time to fully commit to their wedding vows.

And remain faithful to one another, despite what life throws in their path.

But it is amid the most heartbreaking of circumstances due to the pandemic.

But the deadly coronavirus has kept them apart for the past 4 months.

Of course, that was very difficult for the couple.

When Sam came to see her, she was wheeled out onto the balcony so even though the two couldn’t physically be close to each other, they could at the very least see each other.

I mean, if that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard, then I don’t know what is.

Joanne was diagnosed with the virus.

However, Sam knew that seeing her would put him in severe danger…

He knew he had to see his wife in case the end was near.

In the short clip Sam is covered in PPE; double masks on his face, an apron, and gloves as he sits by his wife’s bedside.

“I’m finally getting to hold your hand after all these months,” he said with tears while he squeezes Joanne’s hand in her hospital room.

The devastating video has just reiterated just how tragic this pandemic has been for us all, but especially couples who have had to live without each other due to the dangers.

I hope this is a lesson to those who still believe this pandemic is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

It’s sad that people can’t be with their loved ones even during their final moments.

And has been watched on ABC News’ YouTube channel 100,000 times.

We wish this amazing couple the best.

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