Incredible $95,000 Tiny Homes Will Be Available in the US This Year

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An incredible tiny home has got the whole internet talking as it makes its way to the US.

Keep scrolling to get an inside look for yourself…

Tiny homes are well and truly taking the world by storm.

But that does not mean they can’t be absolutely luxurious paradises that you will never want to leave!

And there’s one particular design that people are going crazy for…

The $95,000 loft tiny home that’s coming to the US!
But first, let’s take a look at some of the best tiny homes out there…

Can we talk about how gorgeous that dark wood is? I want everything in my house made out of that wood.

Well, folks, it doesn’t get much cozier than this. I love that natural wood ladder more than anything else.

You’d think that a tiny house would be sort of dark and dim, but those big windows let in so much light! The next one really is the total package…

Yes, that’s a lovely converted bus, but it’s also got 3 floppy dogs, so I’m officially sold.

You can park this thing wherever and have the view of a lifetime from your very own bed. Amazing.

Not going to lie. This converted school bus has a bigger kitchen than my apartment. Like, way bigger.

Look at that backsplash! This bus is super cohesively designed. Swipe through for more amazing pictures!

That bathtub is so luxurious. One day, I will have a tub like that.

I love love love those triangular roofs with the wooden slats. These, painted white, give the whole place a chic modern look.

The whole inside of this van looks like a peaceful sauna. And I am into it.

Turns out a shipping container is way more than a metal box. This really is a work of art.

Does this adorable, remote cottage come with the husky? Because if so, please sign me up to live there.

Um, is that a whole wood-burning oven inside a converted bus? And I cannot get enough of those reclaimed wood cabinets. These just keep getting better and better…

The hardwood floor in this bus is to die for. Did I ever think I would type that sentence? No. But here we are.

These vibrant colors and all that window space is making this like a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of a house.

Ideally, I want my whole house made out of wood. All different woods. I love this look.

There’s something about that green couch that reminds me of bowling alleys, but I like it.

Usually, I am a fan of darker wood stains, but this natural wood look is definitely growing on me.
The next one really feels like a home…

This is one of the first tiny homes that really looks lived in and really looks like a home.

There is a lot going on here, but I don’t hate it. I am particularly partial to what looks like a large glass of beer in the front.

This little bedroom proves that you don’t need a lot of space in order to have a fulfilling, beautiful home.

I love the eclectic look of this converted bus. It almost feels like you are in the rainforest!

As you can tell from the skylight, this used to be a school bus. And now it’s a full-on music production studio! The next one is crazy spacious…

Maybe it’s just the angle of the photo, but this looks like an extraordinarily roomy bus. I feel like I could do a whole dance in there!

Who knew you could do so much with metal and industrial grays? Somehow, it doesn’t look severe at all. It looks homey!

This really shows you how you can pack a lot of supplies and materials into one little space. I hope all those bottles stay secure while the bus is moving!

Well, this just looks like perfection. A calm, glassy lake, and a rich forest in the background? Sign me up.

Oh yeah, I could definitely take a nap there.

And, finally…

via Kodasema

Estonia’s Koda Loft – the company’s $95,000 tiny movable home, which is being shipped to a customer in California this December.

US-based customers will have the option to pick between the original timber-framed tiny home or one constructed with structural insulated panels.

via Kodasema

As per Insider, the company also said that it’s trying to expand beyond selling single Loft units by creating clusters of these Koda Lofts to create a Koda Park.

Amazingly, the Koda Loft can be moved in 1 piece using a trailer, but it does require a crane to fit it into place.

via Kodasema

This really is minimalist living at its finest.

How incredible!

via Kodasema

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