A 7-Year-Old Girl Rescues Deformed Cat That No Adult Would Care For | 22 Words

Imagine seeing a disfigured kitten on the side of the road - would you help it or keep walking by?

For this 7-year-old girl in Istanbul, Turkey, she saw no other way but to help the tiny creature who was left alone to die.

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Locals were even frightened by the cat's face, deeming it "too ugly".

The young girl and her father brought the cat to a nearby vet, Ivan 'Viktor' Larkhill, who specialized in "extreme animal rescuing".

And it turns out, this little fellow got herself into a most extreme situation.

Viktor discovered that the reason the cat had become so disfigured was because maggots had taken over its body.

He gave the kitty medicine and facial reconstruction surgery, and it was soon on the mend.

They even named her Gülümser, which means "she who always smiles."

In his Facebook post, Vikor notes that not only is Gülümser happy and healthy again, she's found a loving home in The Netherlands.

But the road to recovery was a long one for Gülümser.

And you won't believe how good she looks today!

As you can imagine, facial reconstruction surgery requires a lot of work.

As well as medicine after the fact.

But luckily, Gülümser was found at a young enough age to make a stunning recovery.

With the help of her loving family, of course.

She's hardly recognizable!

Little Gülümser did an entire 180 and looks like a healthy cat.

Here she is, on the prowl for some stuffed prey.

It's remarkable that this cat is alive at all, let alone running around like a normal, healthy cat.

Gülümser's resilience inspired Viktor to get further into rescuing extreme-case animals.

You can donate to help more extreme-case animals in need here, but wait until you see how Gülümser looks nowadays and it'll be even more worth it.

Here she is, all grown up!

What an incredible recovery for an incredible cat.

Here's Gülümser with her mom, looking very adorable.

Gülümser's resilience has inspired those online to weigh in, and the YouTube video about her has over 750,000 views and counting.

The hole above Gülümser's mouth wasn't able to be fully repaired, but we've been assured that it doesn't bother her.

Plus, maybe it makes eating faster?

Regardless, Gülümser's recovery is incredible and those on Facebook gave their thanks to Viktor for helping the animal in need.

Viktor has gone on to dedicate his career to rescuing animals in incredibly desperate situations, which is a very noble cause.

There is not much if any money to be made in extreme animal rescue, but it's not done for profit. It's done out of the kindness of people's hearts.

If you would like to help more animals like Gülümser, you can visit LetsAdoptInternational.com to learn more.