A Black Panther Has Been Spotted on Rooftops in France

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France is a country that is well known for some of the finer things in life, such as the wine, the food, and the immaculate architecture and scenery.

Particularly in the smaller parts. French towns and villages are renowned for their placid and relaxing ways of life.

So what one would least expect is to see a black panther scaling the rooftops of the homes of locals.

The footage of the panther was captured a few days ago and it is a complete mystery as to how to big cat ended up on the rooftops of a bystander’s home. Keep scrolling to learn more…

But one certainly wouldn’t want to encounter a wild big cat due to their territorial and aggressive natures.

But there’s no denying how beautiful they are…

And this is one of the reasons why big cats are sadly sold illegally around the world for their fur and other illegal trades.

According to the BBC, nearly half of all cat species are threatened with extinction, and the illegal wildlife trade is driving species like tigers to the brink.

Wild cat species – both big and small – require special licenses to be kept as pets in the U.S. and these licenses are not easy to obtain. Fortunately, this has helped to control the number of wild cats sold as pets around the world.

Many states here in the U.S allow big cats to be kept at pets and people tend to abuse the licensing of these animals to get them into the country.

Big cats are not household pet material…

They are extremely difficult to manage, especially when they become fully grown adults. Pet cats are domesticated for a reason, whilst big cats are wild and are pretty much impossible to domesticate.

Apart from the occasional zoo, big cats aren’t common in the European country.

A black panther was spotted on the rooftops of residential homes in the small town on Wednesday evening.

Anton Bundle posted the shocking photo on Twitter that shows the panther casually strolling by the patio doors with no care in the world.

Firefighters and police set up cordons to keep as many people away from the panther as possible as they tried to work out how to catch the big animal.

Speaking to The Sun, a security source described the panther as calm and “well domesticated.” “It took two hours to get her in a position where she could be trapped, and then a vet used a gun to fire a hypodermic tranquilizer at the animal as it tried to climb into a window.”

“She was taken to an animal refuge center and is in good shape. Her owner is known to police but has gone on the run,” security went on to say.

She also didn’t have any registration documents, meaning that she was more than likely a “black market animal” who had been trafficked to France illegally.

She spent the night in a blacked-out cage which is known to reduce stress in wild animals. “She’s quite young,” an LPA spokesman said, “She’s like Labrador.”

Her claws had been illegally cut down in order to prevent her from hurting anyone. “She would have difficulty feeding and climbing trees because of this,” said the spokesman, adding: “But she was otherwise healthy, with a good coat.” Let’s hope that this beautiful creature can find a healthy, safe, and legal home in an animal sanctuary soon!