A Debatable Ranking of the Best Sitcoms of All Time | 22 Words

Great shows come in many forms, but there really is nothing like a truly great sitcom. Like dramas, sitcoms depict serious issues like family or relationship drama, but do so with humor that makes them so relatable you become engrained with the characters and plot lines.

But what's the best sitcom of all time?

That's certainly debatable, but PrettyFamous set out to rank the greatest sitcoms of all time. To do this, they calculated each sitcom's Smart Rating — a weighted score out of 100 that takes into account a show's IMDb votes, IMDb rating and the number of Emmy Award wins.

As you can imagine, the results are certainly up for debate, so let us know in the comments.

Did your favorite make the list?

50 - Two and a Half Men

Smart Rating: 85.42 Series Span: 9/22/03 - 2/19/15 Original Network: CBS Description: The social interactions of a group of misfits, including a divorcee and an internet billionaire.

49 - Mr. Bean

Smart Rating: 85.48 Series Span: 1/1/90 - 11/15/95 Original Network: ITV Description: The misadventures of a bumbling loner.

48 - Silicon Valley

Smart Rating: 85.48 Series Span: 4/6/14 - present Original Network: HBO Description: Silicon Valley depicts the lives of a programmer and his roommates.

47 - Spaced

Smart Rating: 85.53 Series Span: 9/24/99 - 4/13/01 Original Network: Channel 4 Description: Outsiders Tim and Daisy meet by chance and pose as a professional couple to obtain an apartment.

46 - My Name Is Earl

Smart Rating: 85.54 Series Span: 9/20/05 - 5/14/09 Original Network: NBC Description: A petty con artist wins the lottery and decides to make amends for the past.

45 - Flight of the Conchords

Smart Rating: 85.56 Series Span: 6/17/07 - 3/22/09 Original Network: HBO Description: The adventures of a music-comedy duo from New Zealand. The real-life music duo of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie play fictionalized versions of themselves in the series, which ran for two seasons and earned 10 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

44 - Mind Your Language

Smart Rating: 85.60 Series Span: 12/30/77 - 4/12/86 Original Network: ITV1 Description: A language teacher tries to make a living by teaching immigrants English.

43 - Soap

Smart Rating: 85.60 Series Span: 9/13/77 - 4/20/81 Original Network: ABC Description: Issues of sexuality and crime arise in the Tate and Campbell families.

42 - 3rd Rock From the Sun

Smart Rating: 85.67 Series Span: 1/9/96 - 5/22/01 Original Network: NBC Description: Members of an alien expedition assume human shapes to study Earth. John Lithgow won three Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series for his role as Dick Solomon.

41 - Gravity Falls

Smart Rating: 85.68 Series Span: 6/15/12 - present Original Network: Disney Channel Description: The adventures of twelve-year old twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines.

40 - Still Game

Smart Rating: 85.74 Series Span: 9/6/02 - present Original Network: BBC One Description: Sitcom featuring characters from the comedy series "Chewin' the Fat."

39 - Only Fools and Horses

Smart Rating: 85.75 Series Span: 9/8/81 - 2/3/91 Original Network: BBC One Description: Two streetwise London brothers earn a living as black-market traders.

38 - El Chavo

Smart Rating: 85.76 Series Span: 6/1/72 - 2/5/79 Original Network: Univision Network Description: This series tells the misadventures of Chavo, an eight year old orphan living alone in a Mexican "vecindad."

37 - Fawlty Towers

Smart Rating: 85.90 Series Span: 9/19/75 - 10/25/79 Original Network: BBC Two Description: Basil Fawlty handles the trials and tribulations of running a hotel.

36 - The Larry Sanders Show

Smart Rating: 85.92 Series Span: 6/12/92 - 5/31/98 Original Network: HBO Description: Garry Shandling portrays a late-night talk-show host in this satire of show business. Rip Torn won a Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series for his role as Artie.

35 - The Millers

Smart Rating: 85.94 Series Span: 10/3/13 - 11/17/14 Original Network: CBS Description: A recently divorced news reporter must put his plans on hold when his mom moves in with him.

34 - The IT Crowd

Smart Rating: 85.96 Series Span: 2/3/06 - 9/27/13 Original Network: Channel 4 Description: A three-person IT group keeps its company running with minimal effort or social contact.

33 - I Love Lucy

Smart Rating: 86.05 Series Span: 10/15/51 - 5/6/57 Original Network: CBS Description: Lucy Ricardo makes life difficult for her Cuban bandleader husband. The show starred real-life couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and is regarded as one of the most influential sitcoms in history.

32 - Curb Your Enthusiasm

Smart Rating: 86.12 Series Span: 10/15/00 - present Original Network: HBO Description: Larry David gets into predicaments at home, work and around town. David plays a fictionalized version of himself, and the show's dialogue is largely improvised by the cast.

31 - Louie

Smart Rating: 86.21 Series Span: 6/29/10 - present Original Network: FX Description: Life can be hectic for single father and successful stand-up comedian Louie. The show's episodes feature largely unconnected storylines and typically focus on Louie's life.

30 - Malcolm in the Middle

Smart Rating: 86.31 Series Span: 1/9/00 - 5/14/06 Original Network: Fox Description: A child genius deals with his siblings and eccentric parents. The show's pilot won Primetime Emmy Awards for directing and writing in 2000.

29 - Parks and Recreation

Smart Rating: 86.31 Series Span: 4/9/09 - 2/24/15 Original Network: NBC Description: A midlevel bureaucrat works tirelessly toward improving her hometown. The show was twice nominated at the Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding comedy series (2011 and 2015).

28 - Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

Smart Rating: 86.39 Series Span: 11/2/04 - 3/10/06 Original Network: Star One Description: The show revolves around the lives of the members of an über-wealthy, high-society Gujarati family of Cuffe Parade, South Bombay, whose daughter-in-law is from a middle class Delhi background.

27 - Community

Smart Rating: 86.40 Series Span: 9/17/09 - 6/2/15 Original Network: NBC Description: Students form a study group at a local community college.

26 - The Golden Girls

Smart Rating: 86.42 Series Span: 9/14/85 - 5/9/92 Original Network: NBC Description: Four older women share a house in Miami Beach.

25 - Archer

Smart Rating: 86.57 Series Span: 1/14/10 - present Original Network: FX Description: "Archer" is an animated series set in the world of international espionage following the activities of a super-spy.

24 - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Smart Rating: 86.73 Series Span: 8/4/05 - present Original Network: FX Description: Several depraved friends run a bar in Philadelphia.

23 - Get Smart

Smart Rating: 86.74 Series Span: 9/18/65 - 5/15/70 Original Network: NBC Description: An inept secret agent tries to save the world from KAOS.

22 - Scrubs

Smart Rating: 86.77 Series Span: 10/2/01 - 3/17/10 Original Network: NBC Description: A doctor works at a hospital with unpredictable staffers and patients.

21 - Veep

Smart Rating: 86.93 Series Span: 4/22/12 - present Original Network: HBO Description: A former senator tries to make her mark as vice president of the United States. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won five Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series for her role as Selina Meyer.

20 - Futurama

Smart Rating: 87.11 Series Span: 3/28/99 - 9/4/13 Original Network: Fox Description: Accidentally frozen, a pizza delivery boy wakes up 1000 years later.

19 - Family Guy

Smart Rating: 87.12 Series Span: 1/31/99 - present Original Network: Fox Description: The adventures of an eccentric family living in New England.

18 - Everybody Loves Raymond

Smart Rating: 87.21 Series Span: 9/13/96 - 5/16/05 Original Network: CBS Description: Sports writer Ray Barone tries to be a good husband, father and son.

17 - 30 Rock

Smart Rating: 87.83 Series Span: 10/11/06 - 1/31/13 Original Network: NBC Description: The life of the head writer at a late-night TV variety show. 30 Rock won three consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding comedy series from 2007 to 2009.

16 - Taxi

Smart Rating: 88.14 Series Span: 9/12/78 - 6/15/83 Original Network: ABC Description: Cab company employees share in each other's lives.

15 - The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Smart Rating: 88.42 Series Span: 9/19/70 - 3/19/77 Original Network: CBS Description: Producer Mary Richards works at WJM-TV in Minneapolis. Cast members Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner and Valerie Harper each received Primetime Emmy Award nominations every year they were on the show.

14 - The Office

Smart Rating: 88.44 Series Span: 3/24/05 - 5/16/13 Original Network: NBC Description: Workers plod along at Dunder Mifflin's paper supply company. Adapted from the BBC series of the same name, The Office won the Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series in 2006.

13 - South Park

Smart Rating: 88.55 Series Span: 8/13/97 - present Original Network: Comedy Central Description: The adventures of four boys who live in South Park, Colorado. Renowned for its dark humor and satire, the show was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and has aired 20 seasons to date.

12 - Seinfeld

Smart Rating: 88.86 Series Span: 7/5/89 - 5/14/98 Original Network: NBC Description: Friends living in Manhattan obsess over little things. Known as a "show about nothing," the series regularly used observational humor to comment on trivial, day-to-day encounters.

11 - The Dick Van Dyke Show

Smart Rating: 89.05 Series Span: 10/3/61 - 6/1/66 Original Network: CBS Description: Comedy writer Rob Petrie juggles family and a career.

10 - Arrested Development

Smart Rating: 89.15 Series Span: 11/2/03 - present Original Network: Fox Description: An eccentric family suffers a reversal of fortune. The show was cancelled after three seasons on Fox but was subsequently revived and picked up by Netflix for a fourth season, which ran in 2013.

9 - Cheers

Smart Rating: 89.37 Series Span: 9/30/82 - 5/20/93 Original Network: NBC Description: Sam Malone, former reliever for the Red Sox, runs a Boston bar where "everybody knows your name."

8 - M*A*S*H

Smart Rating: 89.39 Series Span: 9/17/72 - 2/28/83 Original Network: CBS Description: Army surgeons blow off steam between hours of combat surgery. The show's finale is the most-watched, non-sports broadcast in television history.

7 - Frasier

Smart Rating: 89.61 Series Span: 9/16/93 - 5/13/04 Original Network: NBC Description: A psychiatrist helms a radio call-in show in Seattle. Frasier is a spin-off of Cheers, as Frasier Crane appeared in both shows.

6 - How I Met Your Mother

Smart Rating: 89.65 Series Span: 9/19/05 - 3/31/14 Original Network: CBS Description: Through a series of flashbacks, Ted tells his kids how he met their mother.

5 - The Simpsons

Smart Rating: 91.01 Series Span: 12/17/89 - present Original Network: Fox Description: Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie. Currently in its 28th season, The Simpsons is among the longest-running shows in television history.

4 - All in the Family

Smart Rating: 91.60 Series Span: 1/12/71 - 4/8/79 Original Network: CBS Description: Archie Bunker's bigoted ideas conflict with those of everyone around him. The show is considered ground-breaking for its depiction of issues previously considered too serious for American network television and is renowned as one of the greatest shows of all time.

3 - The Big Bang Theory

Smart Rating: 91.79 Series Span: 9/24/07 - present Original Network: CBS Description: A free-spirited beauty moves in next door to two physicists. Jim Parsons has won four Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series for his role as Sheldon Cooper.

2 - Friends

Smart Rating: 92.14 Series Span: 9/22/94 - 5/6/04 Original Network: NBC Description: Six friends living in New York hang out at a coffee bar. Friends became one of the most popular shows of all time and made stars out of a mostly unknown cast.

1 - Modern Family

Smart Rating: 92.83 Series Span: 9/23/09 - present Original Network: ABC Description: A diverse clan bridges cultural and generational gaps. Modern Family uses a mockumentary format and features a large ensemble cast. The series has been heralded since its premiere and has won five Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding comedy series.