An old Domino's advert from 2005 featuring a pre-presidential Donald Trump has resurfaced today, and it has left everyone feeling very confused...

It can be easy to forget that Donald Trump was a big name even before his presidency.

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Yep, long before he resided in the White House and brushed shoulders with powerful dictators like Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump was leading a rather different life.

Once upon a time, Trump had helped to manage his father's residential housing projects in the New York City boroughs...

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And he eventually took control of the company - which he renamed the Trump Organization - in 1971.

Trump Organization grew and grew...

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And, with a "small loan of $1 million" in 1975 from his father, Trump was able to transform his family's modest real-estate business into a multi-million dollar empire.

It was onwards and upwards from there for the ambitious young Trump.

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Gradually, he shifted his family's business from residential units in Brooklyn and Queens to glamourous and outlandish Manhattan projects.

The Trump name began to make its mark all over the world...

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Trump Place, Trump World Tower, Trump International Hotel and Tower, and so on. There are even Trump Towers in Mumbai, Istanbul, and the Philippines.

And, throughout the '80s and the '90s, he became quite the socialite.

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Trump became involved with a number of high profile figures, ultimately putting him in the A-lister rankings.

Before long, Donald Trump was one of the most famous names in the world...

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And an unstoppable force, with that.

Who'd have thought this man would one day become our president?

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I don't think any of us ever did.

Anyway, as most celebrities did back in the '90s and the '00s, Trump dabbled in and out of the world of advertising.

We all remember his cringe-worthy Pizza Hut commercial in 1995, where he could be seen talking seductively with an attractive blonde woman before taking a large, sensual bite out of the pizza... Crust first.

And he then featured in an equally awful advert for McDonald's in 2002.

"A Big 'n Tasty for just a dollar? How do ya do it? What's your secret?" Yeah, we won't be forgetting that line in a hurry.

But there is one advert that managed to slip under the radar for most of us...

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Trump actually did a commercial for Domino's Pizza back in 2005, and the majority of us had no idea about it until now.

But, thankfully, the bizarre commercial has re-emerged...

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And it is now doing the rounds on Twitter.

Just to clarify before we begin...

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It's a pretty bad advert that doesn't really make much sense.

A Domino's delivery boy can be seen making a pizza delivery in Trump Tower...

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As part of a deal where each individual pizza cost just $5.

Trump answers his golden door...

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And, rather than taking the pizzas and giving the boy his money, he attempts to bargain with him by offering to pay just $5 for all 3 pizzas.

The pretty meek delivery boy agrees without question...

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And hands Trump the pizzas, who then smirks smugly at the camera.

You can watch the strange advert for yourself here.

But it's safe to say that people are very confused.

Why didn't Trump, a multi-millionaire businessman, simply pay the $15?

And why was there no visible transaction of his $5 payment?! This commercial just makes him come across as a dishonest conman who isn't willing to pay full price for the food and exploits a hard-working citizen to his advantage, in my humble opinion.

But, putting politics to one side...

Will Domino's please consider bringing the 555 deal back? It really was a god-tier deal.

I can imagine that Trump won't be too pleased with the emergence of the old advert...

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Because he hasn't responded too well to been mocked in the past. Keep scrolling to see his furious response to be turned into a rather hilarious meme...