A Fitness Blog Hated on Pizza and Twitter Pulled Out the Big Guns

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Look, pizza is delicious and I will defend it to the ends of the earth, but most people don’t eat pizza for the health benefits (although it does cover the important food groups, so go ahead and call it diet fodder if you want to).

What I’m saying is that it’s a treat, and everyone should enjoy it without guilt because, see above, it’s delicious.

Apparently the Naija Gym Blog, that describes itself as “No. 1 Nigerian fitness blog to get real facts about staying healthy and being fit,” didn’t get the memo, and made a big mistake by attempting to shame people out of eating pizza on Twitter.

First of all, why do they specify the oil is warm, as if that makes a big difference? Second, are we talking tablespoons? Soup spoons? Third, WHO HURT YOU?!? DO NOT DISRESPECT THE PIZZA!