A Floating Movie Theater Is Coming to Paris and It Looks Incredible

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Forget the Eiffel Tower and the Lourve, Paris has a quirky new addition to its bursting tourist catalog… a floating movie theater.

Although, since the announcement was made, opinions online have been divided, for one very specific reason. Keep scrolling to find out more about the theater and how people are reacting…

But none are quite like the one that’s launching in Paris this month.

And it’s a pretty big deal to Parisians.

The celebration sees temporary beaches created along the Seine and the Bassin de la Villette during the summertime.

With palm trees, beach chairs, umbrellas, and even large swimming pools.

All of the activities there are completely free. Yep, really.

It goes down a treat with the thousands of tourists who flock to the French capital each year.

But this year it’s going to look a little different.

“Many Parisians will not go on holidays. Many visitors might come to Paris, especially visitors from other French regions rather than abroad, and we really want to welcome them and keep this festive spirit up in Paris,” the Mayor of Paris said on RTL.

So, to mark the occasion, this year will see Paris open its first-ever floating movie theater.

The Cinéma sur l’Eau” – or cinema on the water – will see the Seine river be transformed into the movie night of dreams.

Meaning up to 228 locals will be able to watch Le Grand Bain  – a comedy about a group of men who start a synchronized swimming team – while floating on the river. You’ve got to admit, that sounds like the perfect date night.

Victor Mirabel’s new short film called A Corona Story, will also be showing. You can probably take a guess about what the plot is…

Of course, social distancing will be implemented and those sitting together with be family or friends.

Others will still be able to enjoy the flick sitting from one of the 150 deckchairs spread out along the banks of the Seine. There’s truly something for everyone here.

That’s right, like many of the other activities, the theater is completely free. But sadly, there’s a catch…

In order to bag a spot, you have to enter a raffle for free tickets, which is open from July 7 until July 15.

And several were desperate to bag some tickets of their own – even if the chances of winning are slim.

Where do you go to pee?

And it seems many people are stressed out by the prospect of having to hold it in for so long – especially if you have kids. Yikes.

Aside from the pee issue… sign us up! In the mood for more travel news? Scroll on for an inside look at Disneyland’s new Marvel-themed Avengers campus…