A Florida Man Tried To Cash in a $30 Lottery Ticket From the Same Convenience Store He Stole It From

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In an unbelievable turn of events, a Florida man tried to cash in a $30 lottery ticket in the same store that he had stolen it from.

You really can’t make these things up…

We’ve all dreamt about winning the lottery, haven’t we?

This is because it rarely ever happens.

Did you know that on average, a person has a 1 in forty-five million chance of winning the lottery? Just let that sink in…

It is actually more likely for an ordinary person to start dating a supermodel than it is for them to win the lottery.

As it is more likely to be struck by lightning!

But that doesn’t stop people from eagerly buying a daily lottery ticket!

Some people just love that feeling of winning.

And they’re willing to get themselves into a lot of trouble just to get that winning feeling.

Twenty-seven-year-old Herbert McClellan won $30 on a lottery scratch card recently… and even though this isn’t a lot of money, it’s still a fairly big win!

It turns out that the man had stolen thirteen of these scratch cards from the Speedway convenience store at 32 Bay Esplanade, according to the police.

Even though the odds are 1 in forty-five million, and not 1 in thirteen!

He decided to go and cash it in immediately… at the same store he had stolen it from. What was going through this man’s mind?!

And when he joyfully walked back into the store to claim his winnings, they weren’t having any of it.

All of this, just for $30. It’s almost laughable, right?

The statement read: “For most people, it’s their lucky day when they get a winning scratch-off lottery ticket. That was not the case this week for Herbert McClellan, who is currently sitting in the Pinellas County Jail because of a winning $30 lottery ticket.”

“The problem is that McClellan stole 13 scratch-off tickets from the Speedway convenience store at 32 Bay Esplanade. When he found out that one was a winner, he went back to the same store to cash it in. That’s when store workers called us, and we arrested him.”

So it’s safe to say that it most certainly wasn’t this man’s lucky day!

And people have been questioning exactly what Herbert was thinking when he returned from the store he had just ran from.

Another user commented…

Surely this isn’t just a Florida thing?!

Because if he doesn’t, he’s definitely going to be branded as a first-class idiot!

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