A Group of Sea Lions Photobombed Diver's Selfie | 22 Words

If there's one thing that reigns as a universal truth, it's the fact that animals are the cutest. No matter if it's a little kitten purring or a big cat on the hunt for food, we can't help but gush over them.

And just to add an extra little bit of adorableness to an already adorable pot, check out the amazing photo of a bunch of sea lions photobombing a diver's selfie as well as other instances of these rare moments.

Happy scrolling!

1. Seal.

via: Reddit

This seal looks terribly happy to be photobombing these penguins!

2. Chipmunk.

via: National Geographic

A cute couple picture is nothing without a chipmunk, is it?

3. Turtle.

via: Imgur

That is not a flattering angle.

4. Stingray.

via: Blogspot

Now, this is probably the scariest photobomb I've ever seen. However, everyone around the 3 girls seems to be enjoying the sight.

5. Giraffe.

via: Reddit

I knew giraffe's had tongues, but I never thought they looked like that...

6. Emu.

via: Imgur

This emu must have been feeling himself to be so close and personal with the camera.

7. Horse.

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This is probably the smiliest horse in the world.

8. Cat.

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Who knew cats could fly? This photo is evidence.

9. Fish.

via: Imgur

I don't know what kind of fish this is, but it's actually pretty cute, don't you think?

10. Alpacas.

via: Flickr

Spot the alpacas... I'll give you a clue, there's 2 of them.

11. Dog.

via: Imgur

This is the most adorable family photo ever.

12. Gorilla.

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That face though!

13. Saw Fish.

via: Imgur

The ultimate saw fish selfie.

14. Llama.

via: Imgur

What do you do when a llama decides it's a better view then the actual view?

15. Llama (again!)

via: Bored Panda

Llamas seem to be the biggest culprits when it comes to photobombing, but we're here for it because they're so darn cute!

16. Llama.

via: Bored Panda

I rest my case.

And now for the main event...

A bunch of cute-ass sea lions decided they were going to photobomb a scuba diver just off of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Photographer Steve Woods and Krystal Janicki shared the surreal photos.

He said: "The most surprising thing about the footage was just the sheer feeling of being in that situation with all these animals outnumbering you."

He continued:

via: Instagram

"This part of British Columbia is unique as I can’t think of any other ecosystem in the world where wild animals will interact with you on such a large scale, without being prompted with bait or food or anything else to entice them."

He admitted they also "nibbled" on him.

via: Instagram/ Rianne Meijer

"It really is amazing, they will just flock to you. They just want to play. They’re just kind of fooling around while we are in the water. And they are so amazing with you. It is like sitting in a ball pit full of puppies." How amazing! If you want to see more cool photos of a photogenic squirrel, then keep scrolling...