A Guy Sent This Shocking Picture of His Girlfriend to His Mom, and Now The Internet’s Trying to Cover for Him | 22 Words

Your parents have been through a lot.

Think about it. There's the whole childbirth thing, which is obviously no picnic, but it doesn't stop there. Dirty diapers, broken bones, temper tantrums, and paying for whatever after-school activities you insisted on participating in — it's a lot to handle. Maybe they deserve a break.

We know Maison Vallance's mom sure does, especially after the shocking photo he sent her of his girlfriend... Keep scrolling to see the pic and to find out why it was so awkward...

Ah, relationships.

They can be a little confusing at times, can't they?

Allowing a new partner into your life is always going to be a big deal.

And it can take months for most couples to fully settle into a comfortable routine.

Because, despite relationships being mostly fun and games...

The early days of any courtship can be a little tough to navigate.

There is a lot to learn about a new partner...

And rules and boundaries need to be established from an early stage.

And there's one question on most couples' minds these days...

How soon is too soon?

Every couple is different.

While some will drop the "I love you" bomb within a matter of weeks, others can wait for months to finally declare their love.

We're all different.

And different couples move at different paces when it comes to these significant relationship milestones.

For example...

Some people would happily move in with their significant other after mere months of dating, while others insist on waiting for years before the big move. Each to their own, right?

They're pretty normal things for couples to think about...

But what about the more taboo subjects?

Lots of couples wait until they're fully comfortable before they start sharing intimate details about themselves.

And yes, by intimate, I'm really referring to their kinks.

Everyone has one and some are much weirder than others.

But one thing's for sure, it's perfectly normal to want to spice things up in the bedroom.

Do you know what's not normal though?

Sharing those kinks with your mom. But the problem with this story is that it happened accidentally... Which in some ways, is even worse.

A couple from Tennessee found themselves in a spot of bother after this awkward photo was taken.

Maison Vallance was just an average twenty-two-year-old guy who had recently started dating a girl named Meghan.

And yes, they were absolutely adorable together.

At the time he told Buzzfeed News that things were going well between the two of them.

They both met at a bar.

His girlfriend, who was twenty-one at the time, decided that she liked Maison and the two of them started dating.

"We hit it off!"

It was only two months into their relationship before he introduced her to his mom and thankfully things went well.

"They get along well," he revealed.

That's a good sign, right? I mean, Maison was pretty close with his mom so it would have caused problems if his girlfriend didn't get along with her.

He described him and his mom's relationship as "open."

"She's very comfortable with me and I'm comfortable with her," he told the outlet.

But this accidental blunder may have been a little too much, even for their relationship.

It all started when Maison's mom asked him to find a shirt she had given him, which had his last name on it.

And after rummaging through his drawers and finding it...

He placed it on the bed next to Meghan so she could pose for a photo to send to her.

But he took it one step further.

After realizing how pretty his girlfriend looked in the shot, he decided to share it to Twitter without realizing one grave error.

And let me tell you, this little revelation will haunt them both for the rest of their lives...

Keep scrolling to see what his mom's reaction was.

In the picture, Maison failed to realize he had just exposed himself.

Because attached to the headboard were red ropes...

Yes, those kinds of ropes.

And they perfectly contrast against the innocent smile on the face of Meghan as she poses with the shirt his mom wanted to see. Wait until you see it...

But when he revealed his mistake to Twitter, they all jumped in to cover for him.

Of course, the attempts went to waste because he had already sent the pic to his mom, but I bet he appreciated the help. One user commented saying that the rope was used to keep the headboard up. Yeah, I guess that works?

This user couldn't help but reveal their shock.

Why on earth are you asking that question?

Some people just reacted with GIFS.

It's the only appropriate response, to be honest.

Others shared their own embarrassing stories...

Oh God, I can't imagine anything worse.

This is just too much...

I'd absolutely die of embarrassment.

But thankfully for Maison, maybe she didn't see the top half...

Well, he's hoping she never enlarges the photo...

Here's the picture in question:

Let's just hope she never has to find out... For some more weird relationship stories, keep scrolling.