As the pandemic spreads across the globe, more and more people have been forced to go to extreme measures to protect themselves - and this includes self-isolating and working remotely from home.

Working from home has many perks, and spending more time with your pets is definitely one of them.

So Twitter decided to spread the hilarity by asking people to share stories of their new furry "colleagues" and, boy, did they deliver. But one man took things a step further when his "co-worker" stepped on his toes...

One Twitter user stuck working from home came up with an ingenious idea.

Hey - anything to keep our spirits up during a tough time!

They started.

Leading by hilarious example.

Picture proof.

Lazy and bug-eyed - but cute, nonetheless!

And people followed suit.

Offering some absolutely hysterical responses.

Because pets?

They're much more poorly behaved than coworkers.

Would you coworker do this?

Don't answer that.

Trying to be a good citizen.

But ruining it at the last minute.

Not usually a professional problem.

But an annoying one nonetheless.

A coworker is one thing.

But a boss? That is surely the limit.

Take a nap, sure.

But don't distract others while doing it!

An unwarranted promotion.

Not fair at all.

What a creep.

Time to call HR!

Is this guy fit for work?

We're thinking no ...

Making mistakes on the first day.

Tut tut ...

Nothing worse than a needy coworker.

Except for maybe one with bowel issues ...

Lunch is a minefield.

We're kind of with them on this one.

We've all been there.

Hard to hide irritation while on a web call.

Bit of a weird one ...

It's for their own good!


Another HR complaint in the making.


Everyone needs to pull their weight!


Can't you at least pretend to be competent?

Two moods.

Neither particularly conducive to working.


Glad this isn't our coworker...

A greedy coworker.

And one who isn't afraid of a fight!

Not one, but two.

Nothing worse than being outnumbered.

Oh no...

Not something we want to see.

Two crimes in one.


These guys have no sense of decorum.

Not in the office!

Distracting others.

Indoor voices, please!

First job blues.

Not usually a coworker's responsibility.

Easily distracted.

They are pretty hypnotic.

Blowing off steam.

Hey, sometimes we all need to.

Nothing worse than a needy coworker.

Especially if they resort to screaming!

Wasting time.

Albeit in a rather cute way...

Two crazy coworkers.

Making every day an adventure...

No sense of social norms.

Creepy, creepy scenes.

Any noise is ominous.

But this really takes the biscuit!

Three in one.

The list of crimes goes on and on.

Again, many offenses here.

Though the cuteness makes up for it.

We're suspicious about this guy.

Honestly, we doubt they're passing too.

Nothing worse than coworker rivalry.

They're as bad as each other!

Caught in the act!

Try and get out of that one...

Quite the pair.

Each annoying in their own way.

A needy coworker.

Although this does sound kinda nice...

This is more of a "you" problem.

We can see how this would be irresistible.

Causing ructions.

It's hard to always be cordial.

Watch the news, man!

You can't pretend you aren't aware of what's going on!

It's amazing the positions they can get into.

Especially since you're the one who has to untangle them!

Shared bathrooms are not for the faint of heart.

Especially with coworkers like these.

With lazy coworkers...

It can seem all the workload falls to you.

This coworker is clearly a moron.

Although at least they're loyal.

Slacking off?

This coworker is here to encourage you.

Warring coworkers.

Annoying and distracting!

Food wars.

Somehow worse when working from home.

Unwanted romantic attention.

Even worse? No one to report it to!

Invasion of privacy.

This is surely a step too far.


Hey, at least they have a preference...


Highly immoral.

This guy is not fit to come in.

Both unproductive, and distracting others!

The list goes on.

A multitude of crimes.

Have some restraint!

A great party trick - but not in the office!

This one might be the most outrageous.

This video is amazing.


Not everything is about you!

An ongoing battle.

You haven't won the war!

Attention seekers.

Hard to ignore, though.

A niche problem.

But one we're very much glad we don't have!

An unlikely problem.

They seriously need to be dealt with.

Not necessarily bad behavior ...

But certainly not great for productivity.

They might mean well.

But still, rather creepy.

In your own bed?

Now that's a step too far!

Showertime is private time!

Even if you are a cat.

Now this is a first.

Never heard this complaint before!

This guy seems cool!

The office bad boy.

There are two sides to the story.

But hey, we could all use a hit of morale, right?

We're all stressed out!

It's just some of us deal with it better than others ...

What a creep!

(We're a bit jealous they can go outside, TBH.)

Uhm, seems like the problem might be you.

Though we don't think we could resist either ...

Three enemies.

At least they're cute!

A breach of boundaries!

What does the boyfriend have to say about this?

Budget cuts.

Leading to unforeseen consequences!

Quite a weird one...

Hey, we all deal with stress in different ways!

Again, these coworkers are creeps!

What can you do about the constant staring?

Get the dress code right!

It's seriously not that hard...

An intrusion.

Especially during one of the most sacred moments of the day!

These two are insatiable!

They must be stopped!

A bizarre complaint...

But still one which should be taken seriously!

Violence in the workplace.

Absolutely criminal.

We all feel like this.

But that doesn't mean we should show it!

Although this is hardly a complaint!

And is, in fact, something we highly encourage.

Extreme violence.

This wouldn't fly in any workplace.

Two sides of the same coin.

Which would you prefer?

Their heart is in the right place...

But boy, does this get old, fast.

Playing by the rules.

Big respect to these two!

Losing it...

Hey, aren't we all?

But one man decided things with his "co-worker" has gone too far.

via: Twitter

And filed this hilarious HR complaint against his cat. Hey - for anyone struggling with their new colleagues, this might be a template work saving! Want more hilarious pets in quarantine? Scroll on for #TheDrunkGuyAtTheEndOfTheBar hashtag ...