A Mysterious Masked Bandit Is Projecting the Word 'Sh*thole' Onto Trump's Building | 22 Words

Last week, Donald Trump unleashed a global furor when he called countries in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa sh*thole countries. The comments came in response to a meeting on immigration reform, during which the Commander in Chief opined that Nigerians live in "huts," Haitians "all have AIDS,"  and that we should attract more immigration from countries like Norway.

Norwegians, for the record, are fine, thanks.

In fact, a politician representing Norway’s Conservative Party, Torbjoern Saetre, tweeted, "On behalf of Norway: Thanks, but no thanks."
Trump tried to backtrack on the comments, saying that while he used very strong language, he did not, in fact, utter the fated word. Other politicians, however, have confirmed that he did.
In the aftermath, many countries have condemned him for his words. In fact, numerous ambassadors from the mentioned regions including Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana have summoned US officials to explain the remarks.
All across social media, people have also been been protesting Trump's remarks, pushing back against the designation of their countries as "sh*tholes."
Now, one – or many – other protestors are getting in the game. And by getting in the game, I mean they're projecting the word "sh*thole" onto the front entrance of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.
As CNN reports, these villainous villains seem to have a sense of humor. " 'Not a DC resident? Need a place to stay? Try our shithole,' the projections read, with grinning poop emojis scattering the bricks of the Trump International Hotel, formerly the Old Post Office building."
People across social media, of course, have been having a ball with the projections. Many applauded the move for sticking it to the man (by the man, of course, we mean Trump).
But the question is, who is this mysterious masked bandit? After all, there are lots of people who despise Trump. Entire continents, now that he's insulted them.
Could it be his political opponents? A Republican senator gone rogue? One of his many sexual assault accuser? The answer, as it turns out, is way more benign. Robin Bell, a Washington-based activist has taken credit for the protest. Well played, Bell, well played.
Bell has done many other multimedia-based protests before. As CNN notes, Bell has made "similar anti-Trump projections onto the hotel, including one that said, 'Experts agree: Trump is a pig,' and another that said, 'Pay Trump bribes here.'"