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When Game of Thrones ended earlier this year, many fans were left upset. Not just because of the prospect of a life without a weekly check-in with their favorite Westerosi, either. Many found the final season of the show to be disappointing - feeling rushed, ill-thought-through, and not faithful to the story they'd followed so far.

Since it ended, many prequels have been announced - but hopes have so far been dashed, as the main one has already been canceled. But now fans eager for more GoT content can rejoice. A cruise company has created a trip based entirely around the show's beautiful locations - and it looks absolutely incredible.

Game of Thrones first aired in 2011.

It ran for an epic 8 seasons before finally reaching its conclusion earlier this year.

The show was set in the fictional world of Westeros.

And although it certainly had many fantastical aspects, it really centered around the deeply human characters.

It was really huge in scale.

The dedication that showrunners put into creating believable settings and well-rounded characters (and seemingly hundreds of them) made the fantasy seem oddly believable.

Of course, there were some unbelievable aspects.

Although even the dragons seemed somehow par for the course in this epic, political drama.

The show wasn't totally original, though.

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Game of Thrones was based on a series of fantasy novels called A Song of Ice & Fire, by esteemed writer, George R.R. Martin.

Martin was a big name in the fantasy scene.

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And he's been very productive in his time, creating many more fantasy worlds than just the famous Westeros.

It was clear Game of Thrones creators were taking the show seriously.

Because they ensured Martin was included in the show's creation, making sure the series stayed true to his original vision.

And fans appreciated it.

For the first seasons, Game of Thrones gained a cult following, many of whom loved the shows epic scale and attention to detail.

That is, until season 8.

After a two-year hiatus, the show returned for its final season earlier this year - but got distinctly mixed reviews.

And let's not even get started on the show's finale.

Many Game of Thrones fans were bitterly disappointed in the way the fates of their favorite characters (and of Westeros overall) were handled.

In fact, fans were pretty annoyed.

Angry Game of Throners created a petition to "Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers," which picked up more than 1.7 million signatures.

And to make matters worse?

There was no new Game of Thrones content to keep us going. It was all over, forever.

And though there was promise of a multitude of spin-offs ...

It seems as though even they have fallen by the wayside. So what's a Game of Thrones fan to do?

One thing that made the original show so great has to be the locations.

The different settings really brought Westeros to life - and weren't bad to look at, either.

And it seems this gave one company an idea.

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Cruise of Thrones has created a trip all-around your favorite show locations - and it looks super beautiful.

And as you could probably expect ...

Fans are feeling very excited about the prospect.

But you may also be wondering...

Where, exactly, does this cruise go? Well, we've got the full list - and we promise, it doesn't disappoint.

So let's kick-off, shall we?

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The cruise starts in Iceland - a country with no shortage of natural beauty. The majority of Icelandic locations took place north of The Wall.

The cruise takes tourists to Godafoss Waterfall.

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Or, as Game of Thrones fans may call it, the Fist of the First Men.

Next is the Fjadrargljufur valley.

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You may recognize this as the location of the Bloody Gate - and that infamous Arya laughter scene.

And for the romantically inclined?

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You can even take a trip into John and Ygritte's infamous cave.

The next location is Ireland.

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Where there are a ton more amazing Game of Thrones filming locations for fans to enjoy.

Like, for example, perhaps the most iconic location of all.

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The Wall. Although let's face it, it probably doesn't look quite so majestic in real life.

These places are super pretty.

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Hardhome, Pyke, and Castle Black are all part of the Irish tour segment.

And perhaps the most stunning?

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Dark Hedges - which any Westeros fan will know better as the King's Road.

Next stop, Spain!

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Or, as Game of Thrones fans know it, Dorne. It's home to a ton of iconic locations, including the Citadel.

But that's not all.

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Sunspear (also known as the Patio de las Doncellas at the Palace of Alcazar) looks almost identical in real life.

The grounds are particularly stunning.

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Fans will also get to see the real-life Long Bridge of Volantis.

After Spain, the cruise moves to Malta.

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In early seasons, this was the setting of King's Landing - in particular, the ancient city of Mdina.

The natural beauty is also stunning.

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This rock formation, known as the Azure Window, is also a stop on the cruise.

The next place is Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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Here's the place fans will probably recognize as King's Landing, as it served the purpose for the majority of the series.

The palace grounds scenes were filmed here.

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And the locations are just as stunning in real life.

And who could forget?

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Those iconic scenes in which Cersei had to walk naked through the streets of the old town were also shot here.

The final location?

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Dragonstone. Sorry, sorry, the Stairs San Juan De Gaztelugatxe, in the Basque Country of Bilbao, Spain.

Packages for the cruises begin at $5,130 per person.

"We imagined and developed an experience like nothing you've ever seen before," says organizer Lynette Durovic. You can say that again! Want to see more iconic film locations in real life? Well, believe it or not, Harry Potter's childhood home is on Airbnb! Keep scrolling to see inside.