A Photographer Captured The Exact Moment a Squirrel Stopped to Smell a Daisy

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A wildlife photographer has recently blown people away with his latest shots. He captured the exact moment that a squirrel stopped to smell a daisy and this isn’t the first time that Dick Van Dujin has seriously impressed animal-lovers with his pics. Turns out, the photographer has a knack for capturing our furry friends on camera and… well we’ll let you see for yourself, but be warned, some of these pics may melt your heart.

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Well, this one eating an acorn-taco is pretty cool, anyway.

It’s difficult to catch them close up because they run away devilishly quick.

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This is one dude who doesn’t seem to have much trouble capturing squirrels in the wild.

This picture of a flying red squirrel is breathtaking (and if you think this is impressive, wait till you see the next few shots!).

The avid wildlife photographer hopes that his Insta feed will encourage people to go and explore nature.

The numbers of red squirrels have been getting lower and lower over the past decade. It’s a real joy to see such beautiful red squirrels up close like this.

Dick Van Dujin seems to have a knack for capturing squirrels as they examine plants and flowers…

The squirrel shots like this have become distinctive to Dick Van Dujin’s work.

The shots have even inspired tattoos like this one.

I guess Van Dujin’s work has really moved people…

Now, that really shows how popular Dick Van Dujin’s shots have become.

Through much patience, skill and probably some luck too, Van Dujin managed to capture the exact moment this squirrel smelt a daisy.

The grey squirrel slowly pulls the daisy closer to its face.

The squirrel appears to be getting a whiff of the daisy.

What a magical moment Van Dujin managed to capture. Continue scrolling to see some wild foxes enjoying themselves in the wild…