A Romanian Pop Star Was Killed by an Oncoming Train During a Livestream

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Horrifying footage has gone viral today that shows the gruesome moment a Romanian pop star was hit by an oncoming train…

Tavy Pustiu, a twenty-nine-year-old pop star from Romania, has tragically died after a train crashed into his car.

In the moments before the crash, Pustiu had been filming a video of himself and his wife, who was driving the car.

And was evidently under the illusion that the path was clear as she waited at the traffic lights.

The video cuts off just after Pustiu realizes that a train is actually speeding in their direction, in which he screams out in terror.

According to the US Department of Transportation, there are about 5,800 train-car crashes each year here in the United States, most of which occur at railroad crossings.

And injure a further 2,300.

The ones of which do not have adequate or active safety devices.

Car drivers can get themselves into a perilous situation without even realizing.

Earlier this month, Pustiu and his wife, who is believed to be aged twenty-four, were involved in a shocking and horrifying train collision.

As he and his wife drove through Ploiesti, a city in Romania’s Prahova County.

Sitting with his seatbelt on, the star filmed himself as he casually smoked a cigarette.

And he laughs and waves his hand in the air.

Who seems to be waiting patiently at the lights.

And they don’t seem to be completely oblivious of the train speeding towards them.

And, evidently spotting the speeding train, screams out in terror.

Before the video suddenly cuts out.

Pustiu was sadly killed upon impact, and his wife was left fighting for her life. She is currently on life support at the Prahova County Hospital.

“As a result of a collision between a train and a car on the level crossing a twenty-nine-year-old man who was the passenger in the front of the car was declared dead and a twenty-four-year-old woman who was the driver was injured.”

“The accident happened because of non-compliance with the rules at the level crossing.”  

You can watch the shocking footage here.

Though please proceed with caution – It is a truly haunting watch. Rest in peace, Tavy Pustiu. For tributes to all the celebs we’ve sadly lost this year, scroll on…