A Roundup of the Coolest Things We Found Around the Internet | 22 Words

I think about my grandparent's generation a lot — those poor souls didn't have Google or Amazon next-day delivery or Postmates or any of the awesome services we use every single day. How did they do it? How did they make it through their life without all these cool things?

The answer is, of course, that they didn't even know about them. And it's hard to miss something — to crave something — if you don't know it exists.

And here's where things get interesting for us: what cool things are we missing out on, simply because we aren't privy to their existence? Do you ever Google what do I want to buy? just to see what cool stuff is out there? Well, we've got you covered. The subreddit /r/DidntKnowIWantedThat collects incredible toys, gadgets, home items, and the like that you didn't know existed but will now desperately want. All these items are so cool and essential that our grandkids will wonder how we ever got by without them.

As if soy sauce wasn't beautiful enough already.

Soy sauce dishes that "reveal" a painting once you fill them up. - aliciam_d

Now that's a manly musk.

There's soap that makes you smell like gunpowder, campfire, and whiskey. - BeerbongsOnly

Your roommates will thank you.

This remote has a headphone plug in it to listen to TV quietly. - superp0rk

For the sake of others, do not wear these at night.

Yes you might be creepy but at least you're comfortable af. - Mdlt98

It's beautiful.

It's crazy that this isn't a standard in literally every home. The water drips... into the drain. Come on, that's obviously where it should go.

I like that the bottom one is like a tomb.

Very cool design for siblings who share a room. - benjixinator

If you don't know who this is, you must be living under a rock.

The perfect wheels don't exi... - RESPAWN919

Know what size cup you're grabbing at a glance.

Have you literally ever grabbed the right size measuring cup? I'd say 52 percent of my baking time is spent squinting at the handles of measuring cups.

Classy adult Uno is the best Uno.

I'd like to see my jerk friends call me a baby when I suggest we play this version of Uno instead of going out drinking.


A coconut horse sound-making thingy for bikes. - mrrueca

Now this looks nice.

The ultimate relaxo. - K1ller90

Where does it stop? Where does it end? Does it end?

Look at the way it winds all around. You get this pillow and you are set for life vis a vis pillows.

Finally, a place to hide my rare jewels.

This hidden drawer within a drawer. - costatosta

Aww, lil' pottery is the cutest pottery.

Didn't know I wanted to have a mini pottery kit at home. - chu_potter

Won't someone please think of the (fur) children?

Thanks didn’t know I wanted this doormat warning people of my dogs. - Aly_onthebeat

Just adorable.

These cups that look like cat paws. - mindsalike

They fold... up?! Incredible.

A clothing rack for all your clothing needs. - katofsoup

I've never wanted anything more.

My latest creation. The Fender "Jack Rack". Wall mounting guitar amp key hanger. - isuckatthegeetar

And it looks sweet.

This shortcut-displaying keyboard cover. - squid50s

Finally, a way to empathize with your plants.

This smart planter gives your plant a face and shows you how it's feeling. - cannonball-594

This would save my back!

I don't know about you, but when I'm charging my phone and sitting on the couch, I have to hunch over all weird so it can reach the outlet.

Is it floating?

Gonna buy land and build myself a house just so I can have a window like this.

Now your arm won't fall asleep while you're asleep.

Someone deserves a medal. - Retaehcamai

Move it aside so you can do yoga.

This cubic nesting table. - Amey7

A thousand combined trickles.

This 3D-printed faucet. - ICouldNotindaname

Let's a-go.

When the castle floor is too cold in the morning. - jpeterson916

A modern feat of engineering genius.

For the shorties in the back. - HouseIndividual

A place to hide your hidden Hawaiian Punches.

My kitchen floor has a built-in cooler. - TheFakeAce

They just fit together so neatly.

I don't even like or study chemistry. - Sir_Sytham

How does it look like it's both from the future and the past?

Some people want a classic car but I want this 1931 one-wheeled motorcycle. - Night-Train-Pain