The Texas Husband Who Does His Wife’s Eyelash Extensions Is Our Newest Obsession

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San Antonio: city of the historical Battle of the Alamo. Birthplace of the great Shaquille O’ Neal. And now apparently the best place to find talented and loving husbands who can help you with your make-up.

Analissa Vela tweeted a series of pictures of her parents, Juan and Maricela, sharing a sweet moment that one could definitely define as “marriage goals.” Juan was delicately and oh-so-lovingly helping his wife apply her false eyelashes and Twitter almost melted from all the love.


Analissa’s tweet got thousands of retweets and likes and about a billion heart eyes because of this sweet gesture between husband and wife. Notice how it’s not just regular eyelash extensions that Juan is working on either, but individual lash extensions, requiring much more work and attention. Momma Maricela is getting the care she so deserves and Twitter is just all for it.

Girls on Twitter were living for this. A man who appreciates your love for make-up and will let you play your music while he tends to your beautiful eyes? I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The guys on Twitter were also equally impressed. They know a gentleman when they see one and I bet they were taking notes, or they should be at least. Okay, seriously guys, take notes if you haven’t already. Like, now.

Analissa tweeted a few pictures of the final product and let’s just say it’s nothing less than fabulous. I think Juan has a future in the eyelash extension business. It really is one of the most in demand businesses nowadays. You know how much girls love their fake eyelashes.

False eyelashes can be the biggest pain to do by yourself and they usually end up looking a little rough around the edges. Some girls were even curious if Juan could do their eyelashes. I mean there’s no harm in asking right?

Eyelash extensions are crazy expensive today, it’s just not fair. Plus, does anyone else just freak out over the idea of someone you don’t know getting dangerously close to your eyes with pointy tweezers and eyeball glue?

A San Antonio news station reached out to Analissa to see if her parents love story was as magical in real life as it was on Twitter. Be still my heart; it’s better than we could have expected. Juan is known for helping out the ladies of their home with hair and makeup in anyway that he can. Analissa said her father loves paying attention to details.

Another person tweeted in response showing her parents dedication to one another and their dedication to glamming each other up.

While other twitter users threw a little humorous shade. Hey, eyelash glue can be very dangerous and whoever is holding the glue also holds a lot of power. You really have to trust whoever is putting that much glue on your eyelid.

True love is out there ladies and gents, and if they can help you with your false eyelashes then you know they’re a keeper. Bonus if they can paint nails, but no one is perfect.