Every vegetarian has a different reason for giving up meat. Some vegetarians do it for health reasons. Some vegetarians do it to feel smug and superior to those who love grilling up a steak once in a while. Some do it because they honest-to-god feel a moral obligation to treat animals kindly (and one of the rudest things you can do to anything is to eat it).

But whatever their reasons for cutting the muscle from their diets, vegetarians are still fallible. A new study says that a lot of vegetarians — up to one-third of them — throw back a couple of shots and let their individual reason to not eat meat go out the window.

That’s right, getting drunk is the leading cause of vegetarians breaking their solemn vow. Does that mean it’s finally the meat-eaters’ chance to feel smug and superior to them? Well, it might not be that simple...

Meat is the tastiest food.

Let's not dance around it: there is absolutely no food-eating experience better than biting into a perfectly-cooked hunk of meat that's been seasoned just right. Ooh baby.

But eating meat, pretty objectively, sucks.

The only problem with eating meat is that every time we partake, in the back of our minds we know we're doing something wrong. (Incidentally, it's the same feeling I get watching the NFL.)

Factory farming is killing us.

Even if we take out the animal cruelty aspect of it for a second, there is no greater contributing factor to greenhouse gas emissions than factory farming. Out love of beef is strangling the planet.

We’re running out of fish.

And we're eating so much fish that we're actually altering the ocean's ecology. Over-fishing is a huge problem, and it's affecting almost every species living in the ocean.

Our hearts can’t take it.

This one is gonna hurt, right in the feelings. Animals — very cute animals that would deserve to live even if they weren't so cute — live their entire lives in horrible conditions only to be slaughtered and packed into a hot dog.

Also, our hearts literally can’t take it.

There is a clear link between eating red meat and heart disease. Eating meat isn't just hard on our heart because it makes us sad if we think about it too much. It's hard on our hearts because it gives us heart disease.

But meat is simply the most prevalent food in our society.

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Meat is everywhere! Have you ever taken a walk in Downtown Los Angeles? Carts full of bacon-wrapped hot dogs line the streets! They wrapped a meat in another meat.

It’s actually hard not to eat meat.

The vegetarian menu at most restaurants is extremely limited. If you want to catch a basketball game with your friends, be prepared to watch them chow down on the best wings they've ever had while you force down a salad that was definitely made yesterday.

If we try hard, we could all probably go vegetarian.

Vegetarian options are endless! Why, with avocado alone, you can make any meal satisfying. Add eggs and sunflower seeds and beans, and you've got every last one of your dietary requirements checked off!

But it would be a challenge.

Because meat is so good. To be honest, it's hard to eat a meal anchored by avocado, because it feels like it's trying to take the place of the meat I love. Avocado is to meat what step-dads are to dads.

And it would take a lot of focus.

Just like waking up early and going to the gym, going meatless takes willpower and determination. In a world where meat exists in easy-to-grab Slim Jim form at literally every gas station in the world, it's hard to keep your mind right and pass it up.

And you know what isn’t super helpful for challenging tasks that require a lot of focus?

Drinking. Drinking makes everything harder. That's why my personal trainer told me to stop drinking an entire bottle of wine after our sessions. Yes, I was coming in the next day all hung-over, but I wanted to celebrate! I'd exercised that day!

Our impulse control positively plummets when we drink.

Former WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin used to pound beers whenever he went to the ring, and he always hit whoever he found there with his finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner. Certainly Stone Cold knew it was a bad idea to hit referees with the Stone Cold Stunner, but after all those Steve-weisers, I don't think he could help it!

And some people, no matter how long they’ve been a vegetarian, still get meat cravings.

I know "mmm yummm nom nom bacon" is kind of a played-out meme, but it got that way because straight up bacon is really really good. If you've ever had bacon, even once, you're still going to wake up in the middle of the night wanting bacon once every couple weeks.

It makes sense, then, that researchers have found a link between drinking and cheating on a vegetarian lifestyle.

Coming to us by way of The Morning Advertiser, a company called VoucherCodesPro asked 1,789 vegetarians if they ever eat meat after a particularly boozy night on the town.

The final numbers? 37 percent of those vegetarians admitted to eating meat when they're drunk.

It must have been hard for those vegetarians to admit that. But you know what? They did it. For science. We should applaud them. If your vegetarian friend admits to eating meat when they're blitzed, I say you buy them a drink-- wait that's a bad idea.

Of that 37 percent, 34 percent admit to eating meat “every time [they] are drunk on a night out."

Every time? I don't know, that does feel like a lot. Not to be a gatekeeper or anything, but that does feel like maybe they're not actually a vegetarian anymore.

26 percent say they eat meat “fairly often" when they’re drunk, and 22 percent answered “rarely," while the remaining 18 percent said “occasionally."

It is good to hear that most of the folks who say they eat meat when they're drunk aren't doing it excessively. But here's my questions — what about the people who don't eat meat when they're drunk? Who are these masters of mindfulness?

Most meat eaten by sloshed vegetarians came in kabobs form.

39 percent said kabobs were their meat of choice, which makes sense. Kabobs are often available on the street, they're roasted over an open flame and are therefore delicious, and they leave you a sharp little stick so you can have fun play sword fights with your friends!

But beef burgers put up a strong showing too.

34 percent said they ate beef burgers, and again, that makes sense. When you close your eyes and picture a meat-eater, what are they eating? For me, it's a hamburger, because burgers are the canonical carnivorous food.

This just shows the need for the Impossible Burger.

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Imagine if you could get drunk, have a burger, and still be a vegetarian. That's the future being offered by Impossible Burgers, which are a) delicious, and b) the way to keep eating like you do but also be a good person.

And a majority of the meat-eating vegetarians, 69 percent, say they never told a soul.

Wow, these poor vegetarians — carrying around this terrible secret and feeling like they can't tell a soul. Hopefully they'll be able to whisper it to a grandchild on their deathbed and go into the light unburdened.

That means there's a whole secret society of vegetarians who eat meat.

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There are vegetarians now, potentially meeting in secret, and speaking of the time they got a Yoshinoya beef bowl after a particularly fun night out at the bar with the boys. Fascinating...

Now, vegetarians don’t have a great reputation.

While most vegetarians understand that everyone makes their own choices, and that going meatless is right for them, it's not right for everyone. But there's still this idea that vegetarians are always looming over the shoulders of meat-eaters, ready to push their agenda on them.

It's vegans who are like that.

Vegans are always unbearable. Don't worry about it if you confused the two. Happens to everyone.

And it’s not like being a vegetarian is easy.

Meat is honestly just everywhere. No matter how hard you try, you can't avoid it! We're at a point where you can't even uppercut a cow without accidentally opening up a meat market.

And since going vegetarian is objectively good, both for the individual...

We feel so much better and more healthy when we're eating right, and vegetarians are definitely more likely to eat better when cheeseburgers and bacon and chicken chalupa supremes are ruled out.

... and the planet...

Cutting out meat is the quickest way to environmental sustainability, full-stop. Even though it's not realistic to hope for everyone to go meat-free, we should still applaud those who do.

But self-improvement is never a straight line.

Making a lifestyle choice as major as cutting out meat isn't an overnight process. Most vegetarians have years and years of meat-eating in the pasts. Backslides should be expected.

So to my fellow meat-eaters, I say this: let's be understanding.

So almost a third of vegetarians grab a burger when they're at their most vulnerable, impulse control-wise. Big deal! It's not for us to judge them for their choices. That's a job for the vegans.

And also to my fellow meat-eaters, I say this:

How about steak, huh? It's real good? Dude I love steak.