A Wedding Videographer Is Facing Backlash for Mocking a Client Who Asked for a Refund After His Fiancé Died | 22 Words

A wedding videography company has come under fire for their shockingly cruel treatment of a customer who had asked for a refund after the sudden death of his fiance.

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May 23rd, 2020, was supposed to be the happiest day of Justin Montney's life.

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The day, which has now passed over the weekend, was supposed to be the day he finally married his long-term fiance, teacher Alexis-Athena Wyatt.

The pair had been engaged since 2018...

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And they had been looking forward to finally tying the knot in Colorado Springs this year.

But everything changed in February.

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On February 5th, just 3 months before she was due to wed Justin, Alexis was tragically killed in a shock car accident. She was only twenty-two-years-old.

The grief Justin must have experienced is simply unthinkable.

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Paying tribute to his late fiance on Facebook, the widower wrote: "Her love, kindness, and exuberant emotions taught me how to express myself and show the world how I am truly feeling. Most importantly she was my shining example of family unity. No words can describe and nothing in the world can change how much I loved her."

He paid tribute to a kind, caring, and beautiful woman.

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"This world was robbed of someone who was making it a better place for each person she met. She was passionate about loving and helping everyone she met, especially her students whom she loved each and every one. She especially cared for the ones that were 'troubled' or felt school was difficult or overwhelming. No one was ever 'troubled' to her, they were just hurting and needed love and support."

It has been an unthinkable time for Justin and the rest of his family...

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And, to only add to their grief further, they had to set about canceling any arrangements made for their wedding.

Justin got to work canceling everything, from the venue to the caterers...

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And then, he approached the videographer.

To capture the memories of their special day, Justin and Alexis had booked Copper Stallion Media, a Dallas–based wedding videography company.

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The couple had paid $1,800 to secure their services, so Justin got in touch to claim a refund.

You'd think that, given Justin's horrifying circumstances, the company would instantly issue a refund, no questions asked, right?

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Well, in this instance, you would be wrong.

Unbelievably, Copper Stallion Media refused to refund Justin's money.

They proceeded to blank Justin's calls and emails following on from his first request in February so, speaking to Buzzfeed, Justin said that requested his refund one final time last week, and "warned them that he planned to tell his friends about what happened and that he was going to post about it on social media."

And this is when things turned nasty.

Following on from Justin's threat, Cooper Stallion suddenly retaliated by threatening to sue both Justin's and Alexis' families in response to a review her mom had written on the Knot website.

They have remained unbelievably icy throughout the full ordeal.

As seen above, they replied to Alexis' mom's complaint by telling her that she "cannot get her money back, even from the grave."

At this point, Justin decided to turn to the local media for help.

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The widower reached out to KRDO, a local television station, to talk about what happened - the story was then published on Thursday.

Cooper Stallion responded...

By brutally and shamelessly mocking Justin and his grief.

In a Facebook post, which has since been removed, the company wrote on the date of the wedding:

"Today would have been the day where we would have filmed Justin's and Alexis' wedding in Colorado Springs. After what Justin pulled with the media stunt to try and shake us down for a refund, we hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day." They then signed off with a sarcastic "sorry, not sorry."

"We hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day."

It is just too wicked to even believe, isn't it?

And, just when you thought this situation couldn't get any worse...

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The company went out of its way to create a full website designed just to mock Justin.

It is completely despicable.

They built a website with the domain, JustinMontney.com, so they could "build our case against" Justin accusing him of fueling a "smear campaign." The content on the website that was live at the time of publication has since been removed, and it now links directly to a YouTube video to a song titled "Disillusioned."

On the website made for him, Justin said:

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"[The company's owner] is trying to stir up a ruckus and defame my name, but obviously he doesn’t have any ground to stand on. He kind of made his own smear campaign."

The company's Facebook page and website have since been taken down...

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And, as of yet, Justin is yet to receive any form of refund. Devastatingly, not everyone will get to marry their soulmate, but there are some who make it just in time. Keep scrolling for the heartbreaking story of the woman who played her wedding song to her dying husband down the phone...