A Woman Shared Her Horrifying Tale of Bra Shopping and the Ladies of the Internet Were Like 'Yep' | 22 Words

Shopping for a new bra can be an annoying and tiresome experience. First of all, you know that you're probably going to spend way too much money for a thing you don't even want to wear. Secondly, since our bodies are forever changing and whatnot, you'll most likely have to be remeasured, not to mention that different brands of bras don't fit the same.

It's a whole thing.

So naturally, you don't want anything stressing you out. Like, say, trying on someone else's bra who just left theirs at the store.

Yes, this really happened to someone and I can't adequately express how horrified I am.

Twitter user @n_brayshaw uploaded the following bra shopping horror story.

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And the worst part about it? IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. The beauty of the internet came through and as soon as she tweeted this atrocity, tons of women came forward to share their similar horror stories.

And it's not even exclusive to bra shopping!

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It happens with shoes, too. This poor nan! Can you imagine someone walking off with your shoes in a store?

How about a nice pair of stinky, sweaty boots?

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I mean, you have to get a discount. Right? That seems only fair.

People truly have no shame.

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They'll gladly spread their skin germs around to everyone and not think twice about it. Putting on a stranger's bra feels like such a terribly intimate act.

While the story is disgusting, it's also pretty amusing.

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As this Twitter user pointed out, it made her literally laugh out loud. It's important for women to share their horror stories so other women know what to look out for...

We must stand in shopping horror solidarity.

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I'm willing to bet my life savings that every single person who reads these tweets will never try on anything without checking for tags first. It may seem excessive, but it's totally worth it.

Store employees also chimed in with their own stories.

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I can only imagine the things you see when working in retail. You probably need years of therapy to recover. Retail employees, I salute you.

There are so many scammers out there, you have to be on your guard!

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The shoe thing is particularly bonkers. The boldness you need to possess in order to leave your stinky shoes behind and walk out with brand new ones...it's mind-boggling.

One can only hope that the guilty parties read these tweets and are willing to change their ways.

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If you're reading this and you're a bra or shoe swapper, I want you to think long and hard about the nasty things you do. You can stop. I believe in you.

We can get through this epidemic together.

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Seriously, what is wrong with people? Don't leave your bras behind!