A Woman's Jokey Request For a 'Fake Husband' as a Wedding Date Leads To Real Love! | 22 Words

Going to weddings alone, especially once you hit a certain age, can be rough. Everyone else is married, so you feel like the only single person running around among families.

So we can all relate to this wedding-goer's desperate request on Twitter.

What we can't relate to is what happens next!

She starts off with this request.

The baby part's a little weird, but, hey...we've all been there. She doesn't expect one man's response, though.

One man, this, "Phil Gibson" is equal to the task.

He offers up his services, to which Lila responds, "See you at the altar." Yikes!

As you can see, they've got VERY compatible senses of humor.

Still, this was three years ago, and a lot can happen in that time.

Little did she know...

That all these jokes were prelude to something...bigger.


They didn't end up going to the wedding together, but they did meet in person that same week, and kicked off a wonderful romance.

Stranger things have happened, but...not many.

What a wonderful result from a tweeted joke. Twitter can actually change your life!

Here they are, having just made it official.

They would have made pretty hot wedding dates if they'd gone through with it three years ago.

Stories don't have much happier endings than this one does.

She's clearly not taking the good fortune and serendipity for granted. Good luck to them both!