Absurd Jokes Written by Kids That You'll Laugh at Despite Yourself | 22 Words

I love a good joke written by a small child. Often times, they make no sense whatsoever, at least when you first hear it. And then you think about it, and it doesn't make any sense. And then, you think about it even more, and all of a sudden the absurd joke blows your mind with its depth and its relevance to your life and your struggles. Get ready to be launched into an existential crisis because that is exactly what these jokes by kids are going to do to you.

Following the @KidsWriteJokes Twitter account is one of the best things you can do for your mood in the year 2018. There is a lot of crazy stuff in the news these days, and all we can hope for is a little reprieve from the apocalypse we are all currently living in. These jokes are just that! Have fun reading!

Sometimes older people make jokes.

And even though some of them are really good at good at telling jokes, there is no question that kids are way better at it. Here are 29 perfect examples of that.

Carnivore clowns

This is a logical joke. Clowns are horrifying, scary creatures, especially compared to dinosaurs.

Huge orange head

To be honest, if I was a doctor, I would have this reaction too! That would probably be the first question I ask.

I dunno

I dunno, either. It's one of life's great mysteries. We all ask this question at some point in our lives.

The options

You either shake the sugar or you throw it on the floor. Is something about this joke not clear to you? It makes perfect sense to me.

Blood-eating friends

Funny, "Let's go catch some food my cool blood-eating friends" is the same thing I say to my friends who are dressed up as vampires when we go trick-or-treating.


Gotta love a knock-knock joke that's actually just a regular conversation between two shouting people.


I think this is a very reasonable request and something Angelina would most likely say to Brad. Good joke kid.


This kid hit us with the anti-comedy! Of course, a crab would go to prison because it committed crimes. Why else does one go to prison?

Two pigs

That second pig is really wise. This is the other, less well-known pig-centered fable.

Nobody will ever know

I love this so much. Who wants to do math? This seems like an impossible problem to me!

Naked disaster

Have you ever seen a naked cow? It's not a pretty sight. In fact, I would say "disaster" is a good word for it.

A war tank

What a twist! I did not see that one coming.

Silly man

How about it?! How about when there is a silly man?! Just the concept of a silly man is funny enough.

No mountain

The absence of a mountain is, I have to admit, probably the best reason I've ever heard for not climbing one.

Ugly egg

Ah yes, a fresh take on the old "chicken crossing the road" joke. Very fresh. As in, unhatched.

Tom Hanks

I was worried that the "not" joke construction had seen better days, but this one is pure gold. You can't go wrong when you mention Tom Hanks.


Obviously, Yoda loves yoga. Just like T.I. loves to watch TV.


That's a lot of mysteries, but if anyone can solve them, I would say it is the mystery solvers of the world.

Harry Potter

Get it? Werewolves are hairy, and people who make pots are potters! Harry Potter!

Hello in French

So, "poooooooooooooooo" is not how you say "hello" in French, but any joke that has "poo" in it is hilarious to me, no matter if it makes sense or not.


Seriously though. Which came first, the fruit or the color? I need to know.

Elephant ears

This makes sense! I don't know how elephants hear anything. On another note, elephant ears are delicious pastries.

The ocean

And I think the ocean has every right to say that! The ocean is large and terrifying. We should probably get out of there.


Love a good booger jokes. Boogers are never not funny.


Oh, this isn't a joke. I just wanted to let you that the goblin has fully recovered. He doesn't have to wear his little goblin boot anymore.

Leopard with one eye

This isn't a joke either. I'm just genuinely curious what you call a leopard with one eye. Someone, please tell me.

Pigeon poop

An eye for an eye, a poop for a poop!

Uncle Kevin

Look, Uncle Kevin is going through a tough time right now and he just needs some peace and quiet. Let him have this.


Um, duh. Where else would a turkey be going? Share this with someone who appreciates the silliest of silly jokes!