You probably see hundreds of signs every single day of your life. Possibly even thousands! From labels at the grocery store to signs at your local fast food restaurants advertising their wares, you're bombarded with textual messages all day long.

And when you stop to think about it, every one of those signs was made by a human. And humans make mistakes, as we all know.

So it's no surprise that every once in a while, human error sneaks into the sign making the process and wreaks havoc on what would otherwise be a very readable and understandable bit of text.

The signs pictured here definitely could have used a copyeditor to make sure they made sense. Or even just a second look. Or just a bit of common sense. I mean, really. Who thought these were a good idea?

He does what?

It's nice that this particular part of the highway is adopted, but I don't think Chris' other hobbies are quite as commendable.

Precision and elegance.

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OK, everyone. Get those pinkies up!


You never know what shenanigans a toaster might get up to if left unattended. I saw a whole documentary about one running away with a vacuum cleaner, lamp, radio, and electric blanket!

Just toilet paper.

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Sorry. You'll have to bring your business elsewhere.

No emergencies here!

What a smart way to cut down on emergencies! I'm sure it works like a charm.

Easter comes.

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Um, excuse me? I don't think that's an appropriate question for a church sign. Or for any public sign, really.


This just screams "appetizing," doesn't it? Gotta love that vagetable spread.

Jalapenis poopers.

If you can have vagetable spread, you can have jalapenis poopers. It's only fair.

What's broken now?

A finger may be somewhat similarly shaped, but it's not always a good substitute. Just saying.

I'm gonna go with the ticket.

I'm going to start taking my ticket with me everywhere I go now. Just to be safe.

99 cents or less & up.

This sign is very clear. Everything costs either less than 99 cents, more than 99 cents, or 99 cents exactly. What seems to be the problem?

Pass the parma jawn.

Ah, my third-favorite cheese! Right after mawt zarella and mawn taray jack.

Personal circumcisions.

I think you are the only one suffering from inconveniences in this case, friend. Take all the time you need.

Gluten free new owner!

Fair warning, though: He does work in a facility where gluten is processed.


I can think of at least three other ways to abbreviate the word "spearmint." Come on, guys.

Banana spit!

Oddly enough, I still want to go to Dairy Queen after seeing this sign. I will not be ordering the banana spit, however.

Do you?

Someone please tell me this is a prank and not something that was actually printed out and placed in a location where children are present. Please.

Is he now?

Well. Good for Mike.

Keep smoking in the halls.

I know that reverse psychology is a very useful tool. I'm not sure that this is the best place for it, though.


What a deal! Most people have to pay quite a bit for theirs.


I totally understand that this store needs both an "incontinence" section and a "bath" section... But surely they don't need to be located right next to one another, right?

Closed or open?

OK, the whole "closed or open" debate is very interesting, but I'm more curious about the "Bread!"

Assorted flavors.

Ooh, I love the bubblegum kind. It does make my mouth feel kind of burn-y, though.

Crime not allowed.

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So smart! Just make crimes illegal! I love it.


39 cents each! That's ridiculous! The preschool a few slides back was giving them away for free!

How fancy!

Ooh, a catered affair? How fancy!

Wait a second...

I'm beginning to think they don't actually want anyone to use this toilet.


It's also the worst, though. Just something to consider.

We can help!

Like, I know what they mean, but they did a bad job with this one.

No thank you, Jesus!

I don't really want Jesus to do either of those things, actually. Share this with someone who could use a laugh!