The Major Signs Your Marriage Isn’t Going to Work, According to a Divorce Lawyer

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There are certain things that clearly point to the fact that your marriage is on the rocks — infidelity and irreconcilable differences, for example — but there are also those things that chip away at the marital armor and eventually can lead to the end.

Nobody knows that better than divorce lawyers, and here they share the top signs that your marriage won’t work.

All financial issues should be brought up before marriage, but clearly not everyone got that memo.  

“Often times, when one party finds out that the other party filed for bankruptcy before or during the marriage, it ruins that party’s ability to trust in the other party,” she said. “Just as troubling is the spouse who does not freely disclose the amount of bonus money he/she received from his/her employment.

It sounds kind of obvious, but communication is key, and how a person reacts to a situation that gets them upset, angry, or all-around frustrated is important.  

“This is essentially the kiss of death for couples because it leads to feelings of resentment. Being able to work through issues that arise paves the way for resolution,” Jeang said.

Long story short, honesty is the best policy, but that’s not always the case. Even one small lie can have drastic implications.

“A spouse suddenly becoming secretive — changing passwords to online access to bank accounts, changing email accounts, or changing or implementing phone passwords — can be a sign of infidelity,” Medlin said.

“When one spouse controls the money flow in the house, this tends to breed resentment and a feeling of inferiority from the other spouse,” said Shaolaine Loving, a Las Vegas lawyer.

“Inevitably, women in this type of arrangement feel enslaved in a negative way, where they feel like they don’t make choices over their own lives.” Seems like common sense.

A big red flag is if your partner is spending a lot more time away from the home.

Amy Saunders, Esq. at the law office of Amy Saunders said, “If your spouse is buying lots of new clothes, losing weight, going to the gym, and abnormally focusing on their appearance, while also having missing gaps of time, chances are there is an affair, or a potential for one.” Again, seems pretty obvious. But this next sign is much more subtle and has the potential for much more destruction.

“Some of my clients have knowingly married a troubled person with the idea that he/she could be saved. Usually, they can’t,” said attorney at law Jeffrey J. Kash. “

No matter how compatible you may be, addiction issues can put a strain on even the strongest relationship.

Every relationship has an ebb and flow, but if you’re consistently moving farther and farther away from each other, that’s a huge red flag. “Over time people evolve, develop, and learn,” said Eric Klein of Klein Attorneys.

“These are the couples you see at restaurants sitting across the table from each other in silence.” And that is the kind of relationship no one wants to find themselves in.

Now you’re ready to get married. Good luck!