Actor Dean Winters Is in Constant Pain From Multiple Amputations

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Dean Winters has revealed that he is in constant pain after undergoing multiple amputations.

Winter revealed to Page Six that he has been in constant pain for twelve years after having several amputations in 2009.

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In June 2009, Winter contracted a bacterial infection and while traveling in an ambulance and went into cardiac arrest for over 2 minutes.

Fortunately, paramedics were able to revive him, but he then had to undergo multiple operations and suffer through gangrene.

As a result, the fifty-seven-year-old had 2 toes and half of a thumb amputated.

“I haven’t taken a step since 2009 without being in pain,” he told the outlet.

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“I’ve got neuropathy on, you know, on a whole different level where I can’t feel my hands and my feet. But if I stepped on a pebble, it’s like I go through the roof.”

Over the years, Winters has learned to live with the pain as there’s “nothing you can do about it.”

However, it almost held him back from one of his most memorable roles.

The actor originally turned down his role in Allstate insurance commercials as he was undergoing surgery for the 10th time.

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But after much persuasion, Winter eventually gave in, and it’s a good job he did!