Fashion has really taken a dramatic turn these days, with many companies opting for riskier pieces to grab people's attention. And let me tell you, it's working. The latest fashion trend to have us questioning our lives is none other than the all-new Adidas Clogs...

Find out exactly how much these bad boys cost...

2020 is just a gift that keeps on giving...

If it's not a deadly disease or questionable food items, it's absurd footwear.

Now we've been ravaged by ugly shoes before...

And we're still not quite over it.

It all started with Gucci releasing these bad boys...

via: Gucci

The women's leather and mesh sandals.

For some reason, they combined 2 materials that don't belong together unless you're into that...

via: Gucci

And then they decided to splash a bit of pastel pink and lilac on them and call them women's shoes. And don't even get me started on that chunky heel. It's footwear fit for a 90s Barbie Doll trying out the "explorer" look.

Of course, there's a men's version available too.

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The intention is clear: Just change the colors to "manly" colors and hope for the best. Oh, Gucci.

And they didn't call it a day after that creation because then we got whiff of this:

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The Flashtrek sneakers with removable crystals. Thank God they're removable.

And for a whopping $1415, that's the least they could do.

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But I don't think we'll be investing in these any time soon.

And it seems as though other designer companies also followed suit on the weird footwear.

via: Balmain

Look at how Balmain decided to come through.

These are known as the "Grey high-top suede and mesh BBold sneakers with strap."

via: Balmain

As if someone decided this was okay. It is not.

And don't even get me started on this abomination released by Philipp Plein.

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Now Philipp Plein is known for his more outlandish style, with a lot of his creations working with a bit of sparkle, but this is something else altogether.

If you thought the Gucci sneakers were going to set you back, get a load of this...

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These hellish babies have been slapped with a $12,747 price tag.

But what we didn't expect to see was crocs taking the lead.

I mean, crocs have always been a debatable choice, unless you're a nurse and you need a comfy pair of shoes to wear at work.

But it's something about the weird shaped holes at the front that make me uncomfortable.

Just look at them!

But over the years, the company has developed some pretty grotesque pieces.

But that hasn't stopped people from buying them, ever.

Just take a look at these ugly shoes:

I have always been a big fan of KFC, but that doesn't mean I need to advertise it with friend chicken shoes.

And these aren't much better:

But I would have appreciated them through my edgy emo phase back in high school, I'm sure.

This new creation is aimed at those of you that wouldn't dare cross into croc territory...

via: Adidas

These are the Adidas Clogs.

These rubber clogs combine the comfort of crocs with the classic style of Adidas Superstars.

via: Adidas

Designed by the big-name fashion brand, these Adidas originals are perfect for die-hard trainer lovers that want a quick slip-on option.

And they've left us all a little confused...

I bet you're wondering how much these bad boys cost, right?

via: Adidas

Well, they're currently available to purchase from the website for $45, plus shipping costs, of course. Quite reasonable for Adidas, to be honest.

So if you're dying for a pair of these disastrous shoes, then head on over to the official website.

via: Adidas

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