There is nothing in the world better than a dog who grows old with you. Sure, puppies are cute, but they are total maniacs. Have you ever had an elderly, smushy pup with lots of extra skin lumber over to you and press into you because they love you so much? It is the best feeling in the world.

Pets are so special because they see us through huge events in our lives and are always there by our sides, every step of the way. My pup, Simon, became mine because I moved in with my boyfriend. The dog has seen us move in together and get engaged. He will be there when we get married and hopefully more many years after that as well. Simon is a part of our family. He just happens to be a member of our family who walks on four legs and poops outside on the grass, with like, no shame. The pictures in this gallery show dogs and their owners at a couple different stages of their life. I think you'll be surprised at how quickly some of them grow up!

It doesn't get much cuter than a small child and a dog becoming lifelong best friends.

The dogs in this gallery are so loved and so cute and so fluffy. Like, I don't think you're ready for this fluff.


I speak from experience when I say that Newfoundlands are the best dogs. They are big mush balls and they make great pillows.

Six weeks to six months

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Well, this is going to be one enormous dog! At six months, he still probably has a good amount of growing to do.

Big napper

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Something tells me this dog will never be too big to take a nap directly on top of his human. He's in the same exact position in both pictures!

Kindergarten to senior year

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This is too precious. They've been through so much together! This sort of bond is really special.

Lap dog

This St. Bernard went from lap puppy to the biggest dog I have ever seen in my entire life. Holy cow, that's a big head. I love him so much.

Now and then

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The only thing that's changed is that the kid now leans on the pup instead of the pup leaning on her. That's friendship.

14 years

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Well, this just about made me cry. Ugh, it's too cute. They're best friends!

20 years later

20 years! That dog is ancient! What a special relationship. I love when old dogs have gray faces.

Progress pic

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This change all happened in only 9 months. But you can tell it's the same dog because of that adorable face.

Weenie dog

Dachshunds are so cute when they get old because they get all this extra floppy skin on their neck and chest. They're adorable.

11 years

Look at that dog cheesing for the camera. He knows he raised two nice boys.


Capone is a great name for this pup! He looks all tough now, but he's still got those sweet, puppy-dog eyes.

Two years apart

Still got their favorite nap positions. You can tell that the dog is in heaven because she's so floppy and comfortable.

Baby beagle

This whole family grew up together. I bet that beagle is very proud of her human siblings.


Winchester the Great Dane is only five months old in the second photo. In another five months, you'll only see his tail.

Best friends

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Look at these two! They're inseparable! I bet they love to nap and play together. This is the reason to have puppies and kids at the same time.

Mamma's boy

You can tell that this dog has lived a lot of life and learned a lot about his human. They are clearly bonded for life.


First of all, Koda is gorgeous. His friendship with his human is beautiful. And that window/nook situation is to die for.


Sure, Domino is 10 years older and wiser, but that doesn't mean he can't still make silly faces for the camera with his favorite human!

Same vet

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You don't really think about it, but many veterinarians treat the same dog from the time they are puppies to the time they are very old. So heartwarming!

14 years

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He may be slowing down physically, but it's clear that his love for his person isn't slowing down at all.


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Look at the growth progression of this pretty pup! Bernese mountain dogs can look so different as puppies and adult dogs.

Camo buds

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Look at that dog's piercing blue eyes! These two make quite a pair.

Same window

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Eleven years later and this dog is still an expert at posing for photos. In fact, now she's found her perfect angle.

Fluff monster

Enough said.

Always the boss

It's amazing how much Huskies' faces can change when they get older! As puppies, they always look angry.

Before and after deployment

You would think that maybe a pup that's grown that much wouldn't remember his owner, but he's clearly so happy to be back in that human's arms in the second photo.

Lots of grays

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Look, they both learned valuable lessons in these fourteen years about love and loyalty and getting better haircuts.


I couldn't help it! I had to include my own smushy pup, Simon. Here he is at 3 months and then again at 3 years. He's 5 1/2 today. And he's the best. Share this with a dog lover in your life!