Adorable Cat Who Was Born With 4 Ears Goes Viral on Instagram

An adorable kitten from Turkey who was born with 4 ears has gone viral on Instagram.

And, you just can’t help but swoon over the beautiful little furball.

Who doesn’t love to see a sweet pet post when they’re scrolling through their Insta nowadays? We know we love to see it.

But, this one isn’t just any random pet. This account has something extra special to give to its fans…

You might have already noticed, but this little 4-month-old cutie was born with 4 ears.

Yep, you read that right. A kitten going by the name Midas has 4 adorable ears. All the better to hear her fans’ adoration for her with, right?

Talking to the Daily Mail, Midas’ owner, Canis Dosemeci, gave a little insight into the little kitten’s story.

Midas’ mom gave birth to her, and 6 other siblings in a garden near Canis’s, and so, Canis took Midas on.

So why does the cat have 4 ears?

Well, according to the Instagram account Midas’ “unusual ear count is believed to be the result of a recessive gene mutation from her parents.”

One pair of ears works as normal, and the other, which sticks out in front of the others, just make her all the more unique.

What could possibly make this already cure story any cuter, though?

She has 2 labrador siblings, too, twelve-year-old Suzy, and fourteen-year-old Zeyno.

Can you believe she was only born 4 months ago and already has over 74,000 fans? We can. So, if you want to keep updated on this little cutie, then give her a follow.