Adorable Dachshund With a Spotty Body Looks Like He’s Part Dalmatian

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This adorable Dachshund named “Moo” is constantly compared to a Dalmatian and even a cow thanks to his black-and-white spotted body that is a totally different pattern to its face.

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These lovable and loyal companions make the perfect household pets, and it also helps that they’re so damn cute.

Whether they’re causing mischief, giving us those puppy eyes when they want a treat, or taking up the entire sofa, many of us couldn’t live without our 4-legged companions.

There’s one thing it seems we can all agree on – our canine pals are too good for this world.

And their soft and gentle natures capture hearts all around the world.

And it’s a Dachshund called Moo.

Unlike humans, dogs tend to give birth to quite large quantities of young.

And this results in some seriously adorable litters.

Most of us will agree that litters of puppies are by far the cutest things on this planet.

Sometimes, they’re born looking very unique.

A seven-month-old puppy who has recently gone viral for his interesting look.

He also has what is known as piebald fur on his body and legs, which means he has unpigmented spots on a pigmented background.

From Dalmatians to cows… I mean either kind of works!

The twenty-four-year-old from Miami said the markings on his body make him the unique pup that he is.

“He is a unique piebald because he has heavy ticking, black spots on his white coat, and he also has a pure black and tan head.”

“Lots of people think he is wearing a coat or pajamas at first, and they’re surprised to find that it’s actually just his natural coat.”

“Moo gets lots of reactions everywhere he goes, whether it’s on social media or in everyday life. People love his coat and funny personality.”

“We get stopped on the street a lot so people can take pictures of him or ask about him. He’s truly such a special little pup. He’s our little star.” Adorable!

I want to meet Moo…

“My boyfriend and I have always wanted a dachshund. I don’t think that we would’ve gotten a dog if it weren’t for COVID because we wouldn’t have been home as much. It’s true that blessings and joy can still come out of hard times. Moo has been just that.”

He does kind of look like he’s got a onesie on.

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