Pups That Will Honestly Improve Your Whole Dang Day | 22 Words

Now, this isn't necessarily the hottest of hot takes or anything, but dogs are all pretty great. I think we can all more or less agree with that. But it's not hard to fall in love with your regular, every day — but still adorable — golden retriever or chocolate lab. It's the rare pups that will really blow your mind. (And by "blow your mind" we mean "make you squee.")

These are the kind of dogs that are just brimming with personality — you're about to see puppers displaying the ever-so-elusive emotions of confusion, disgust, and even unrelenting joy. To see a dog experiencing the same kind of emotions as people? Well, you don't see it as often as you should.

And that's why it's so important we highlight these rare puppers — their cuteness knows no bounds, and their emotive abilities are all too rare in the pupper community.

And many mooooore...

So you're just going to scroll past without saying happy birthday? - ericlindh21

Initiate boop sequence.

Two boops is the password for Frankie's smile. - mayaxs

Look at his little feet doing their little dance.

I guess it's as important for dogs to get in their steps each day as it is for my dad ever since we got him that FitBit.

What did I do?

“Does your dog bite?" “No, it’s worse. She judges." - shezziebear

The most adorable set of dominoes.

These little bumblebee-lookin' baby dogs have a fool-proof system to keep intruders out of their room. The signal? A single, cute lil' head bob that lets the rest know it's time to spring into action.

This dog looks like a wise, kind grandmother.

Are you feeling blue? - CreepyDig

This is a happy-looking egg.

Now this right here is a smooth symmetrical boye. - Jakunai

Poor dog's been burned by all his previous masters, who were vampires.

My dog likes to stare at me through mirrors. - mayaxs

You play that new Call of Duty brah?

House-sitting means I have a video game buddy this weekend. - awtx

Nothing more important in business than customer service.

When you're a dog managing your own little, uh — what would we call this? A mini-bodega? — you've got to go above and beyond, meaning selling your products for significantly fewer pets than your competitors.

Very excited to see what powers he gets after being exposed to Earth's yellow sun.

Found a meteorite, any idea how much it’s worth? - HeatedChaos

Golden retrievers — assemble.

"Hi. We heard you needed some help in here." - blrghh

"I missed you so so much!"

Pupper is excited to see their human coming home. - to_the_tenth_power

He looks like he's having just the best time.

The best thing ever caught on Google Street View. - [account deleted]

Best of all, it's rent-controlled!

This corgi pupper got himself his very own apartment. - commonvanilla

It's Bring Your Pupper to Work Day.

This little pupper's first day at work with mama. - Tdanreynolds

Not all heroes wear leashes.

Tonight this guy barked at me for 30 minutes to take him out despite just going. Turned out we had a gas leak in our apartment and he just wanted us to get out. He is S A F E B O Y E and getting extra cuddles. - NobelLandMermaid

Never again will he suffer the humiliation of "down low, too slow."

This doggo gives the highest of fives. - SScouterSS

"Is this why you wanted me to wear a pillowcase?"

Kona found the perfect pillow for her bed — her sister Nala. - OfAllThatIsElfuego

Most frightening of all, all that growth happened over the course of one hour.

This good boye did a heck of a grow this year. - gregarious_

"It's not much, but it's all I have."

My sister's dog isn't allowed to bring his toys inside so he found the world's tiniest stick to entice me into playing fetch. - damzoi

Friendship is the best.

Pupper sees his friend at the dog park. - [account deleted]

He also kept saying "only you can prevent forest fires."

This bear was accidentally brought to the dog shelter but had a great time. - geek_fest

It matches his tongue.

My mom got her dog a sweater and when I asked why it was pink, she said, “he’s very secure with his masculinity." - darthphallic

The beach is their favorite.

Someone take this pupper back to the beach right now! - mac_is_crack

Who's doing an impression of who?

Shocked pupper is so shocked (featuring my equally-shocked coworker Katie). - mrsmadmike

We've got to fatten this lil' guy up!

Pupper too light to make snowprints. - Convince

Very intimidating.

I'm Leo, and this is my rawr! Thanks for all the lovins. - cryptowraps

Tongues are very weird, if you think about them.

Buggy is still getting ahold of the concept of a tongue. - mayaxs

Talk about a death glare.

When I tell my buddy he can't come he blocks the door with his "quit your BS" face. - nfldpunk