Adorable Kitten Rescued by Two Dogs Now Thinks It’s a Dog Too

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After a kitten was found close to death, two unlikely foster “parents” helped him get back on his feet.

And the pictures are adorable…

Well, they have been in the movies, that is.

The dog chases the cat, the cat chases the dog… And so on.

Over the years, there have been countless cases of cats and dogs living in harmony with one another.

And there really isn’t anything else quite as wholesome.

The internet is awash with heartwarming tales of interspecies friendships between cats and dogs, but the latest may just be the most adorable yet.

But the reason behind it is so heartwarming.

The only content that comes close is pictures of dogs.

As you can imagine. And people can’t seem to get enough…

Telling the story of how her ginger cat Azmael was involved in a car accident as a kitten, after bringing him home, her two dogs became unusually protective of her: “He got hit by a car when he was a few weeks old and grew up with dogs, he’s VERY weird,” she says.

As her cat truly believes he is one of the dogs.

“He tried to find the cat’s family but no one knew him,” she said, “so we took him to the vet and he miraculously survived.”  

She said: “I’m so used to his face that I don’t even see what’s wrong with it.”

She adds: “He couldn’t walk when he was a baby, because of the injuries he had when we found him. Now we’re very happy we’ve kept him, he’s weird and can’t run properly, but he has a nice comfy life.”  

Liam is a White Swiss Shepherd, and Nimue is an Altdeutscher Schäferhund.

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