Animals: we love them, they're adorable. Sometimes they do the most adorably puzzling things.

From strange sleeping poses to hilarious attempts at 'walking the dog,' this thread will give you all the laughs and all the cute vibes. So check out these 30 marvelous malfunctioning pets!

Behold, the master of hide-and-seek!

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He thinks he’s sneaky. -u/thebluemermaid

Does it count as ‘walking’ a dog if the dog does this?

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He's not ready to leave. -u/blrghh

When you want your dog to go swimming but you don’t have time to stop the boat:

"We are fly-swimming! Weeeeeeee!" -u/GallowBoob

Stop, drop, and nap!

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Corgi_pupper.exe is experiencing a runtime error. -u/EntropyEudaimon


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Saw something outside, 'off' switch was activated. Any idea how to flip the switch back to 'on'? -u/aggressivechessgirl Next up, watch a husky pup make a dancing faux-pas!

Huskies are beauty and grace, and sometimes they fall on their face!

Oh, puppy. Try getting off the couch before doing a doggie pirouette.

Paws off, humans!

Just look, no touching. -u/Th3SilentGuy


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My cat usually looks a lot cuter than this. I just caught her at a bad moment. -u/badmotherfolker

WHAT did you say?!

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Deeply offended. -u/boopyouonthenose

You want me to do what now?

This dog is not about it. On the next page, a dog owner pulls a fast one - and the reaction of the dog is too adorable!

This pup looks bamboozled!

WHOA. Where did the snacks go???

Cats: never really knowing if they want out or in.

You’ll get there eventually, buddy.

This dog’s mobility is a little lower than usual.

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Doggo.exe stuck in cone table error. -u/Fan_Bruth__

A chicken and some bread crusts enter. A chicken and two necklaces leave!

Honestly, the chicken probably just wanted some cute new accessories.

This cat couldn’t handle its own awesomeness!

Kitty goes from ‘what did you put on me?’ to ‘NOPE’ so fast! Keep reading to see the adorable king (or queen) of all malfunctioning dogs!

Sweet dreams!

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Deep sleep leads to adorable cat-bleps.

Back legs? Who needs ‘em?!

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Winston, our Airbnb dog. -u/Watchero

Let us introduce you to this amazing pug:

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Meet Gus. He's fine; he just needs a brain larger than a raisin. -u/KoolKid1217

This dog is super jazzed about…something.

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Princess Moon Moon has encountered an error. -u/lenalynael

Don’t tell me how to sleep!

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I guess he’s comfortable? -u/ieatnoob4brkfst Up next: ever heard of the ‘What the Fluff’ challenge? This person's bird had the best reaction!

The ‘What the Fluff’ challenge confounded birds everywhere.

“Helloooo? Where did you go?!"

This cat is done for the day.

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Will be back momentarily. -u/SillySaIamander

No distractions. Sometimes you’ve just gotta put your nose to the grindstone and…stare?

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Your battery is very low. Plug in your cat now. -u/carrot-man

Always remember to water your cats.

It’s like a little cat-fountain!

Ever watched a bunny flop over in the middle of sleep?

He’s too tired to care. -u/Etanla Next up: cat shenanigans, from impromptu water fountains to trapping themselves in boxes. Plus, one insane showdown between a dog and the wind!

What is it with cats and boxes?

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We were putting some stuff away, and he got stuck like this for 10 mins. -u/Nehaldsouza

This dog’s arch-nemesis is THE WIND.

And he is putting up quite the fight!

You know those cute, toothy smiles dogs have sometimes?

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I followed the instructions for a bat when I assembled this doggo. -u/boysinthehoodie

This dog really IS upside down.

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Ah, comfortable?

When your dog is ready for noms:

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