Precious Pics To Brighten Your Day | 22 Words

It is the year 2018. The midterm elections are coming up. The news looks uglier and uglier every single day. Sometimes, you need a break from all that craziness, and that is OK. You deserve to take a breather from the constant consumption of absolute filth and tragedy. And right now, it is coming to you in the form of eye bleach.

Eye bleach, of course, is not actual bleach for your eyes (do not put bleach in your eyes). These types of eye bleach are pictures of things that are so adorable and so positive that they will wash away the stains of all that ugly stuff you are forced to look at all day long. I am talking about cats in flower crowns, babies dressed up like dogs, and cows with perms. That is right, cows with perms. This collection of photos is like a collective sigh of relief. A reminder that there is still some good in this world.

You see this little kid?

See the one in the overalls, who is being attacked by a pile of puppies in the cutest way possible? That's what I'm about to do to you with these pictures.

Dog and ducklings

from Eyebleach
I love unlikely animals friends just as much as the next person, but unlikely animal mom taking over caring for a pack of babies from another species is better.

Ratatouille costume

from pics
Well, this is the cutest parent-kid costume I've ever seen for Halloween. This guy gets bonus points because he looks just like Linguini.

Smashing pumpkin

from aww
Nothing to see here! Just a fully-grown tiger who loves her pumpkin. Oh man, this is so cute to see.

It's fall!

from Eyebleach
This is my face from the time I see the first leaf change colors to the time the leaves start growing back.

Goat in a hat

from Eyebleach
Um, whoever decided to put this goat in a hat and then feed him leaves is a genius and deserves a medal.

Happy pig

from Eyebleach
Look at this smiling piglet! He looks so soft and fuzzy. I want to pet him so badly.

Furry egg

from Eyebleach
That's one furry egg that chicken's sitting on! Oh, just kidding, it's an adorable puppy! It doesn't get much better than that, folks.

Shy kitty

from Eyebleach
I love when dogs and cats rub their heads with their front paws. That's like, in my top three things that cats and dogs do.

Sitting, waiting, wishing

from Eyebleach
You can tell that they're related. This is too much for me to handle.

Rainbow kitty

from Eyebleach
This looks like a painting of a cat sitting in a rainbow, but I know it's real. Sometimes real life is this perfect!

Camel break

from Eyebleach
What? This camel has been carrying two heavy humps on his back all day long! It's time for him to take a break.

Baby turtle

from Eyebleach
This baby turtle is like, "Hello world! It's me! I'm here! And I'm ready for the adventure of a lifetime!"

Toasty pup

from Eyebleach
I don't know why people keep putting pieces of bread on the faces of their pets, but they should keep doing it.

Happy couple

from Eyebleach
All I want in life is someone who will grow old with me and take side-by-side trips through the mall on the scooter.

Cow with a perm

This is what happens when you blow dry a cow, and I am here for it! That cow knows it looks good, too.

Happy seal

from aww
Seals and sea lions are the dogs of the sea. Do not fight me.

Panda nap

from Eyebleach
OK, I love the fact that pandas fall asleep wherever, but that might be why they are endangered species.

Best buds

from aww
This here is the perfect reason to have both a kid and a dog. So you can dress them up in costumes as each other.

Sassy hippo

from Eyebleach
I know that animals who stick their tongues out probably aren't doing it for the same reasons that people do, but I like to imagine that they are.

Bear back

from Eyebleach
I love bears so much, and I love baby animals even more. Combine the two, and you get this baby bear riding its mom's back, and my heart melts completely.

Capybara bed

from Eyebleach
What a cornucopia of animals! This is what America should be.

Fuzzy caterpillar

from Eyebleach
Remember these fuzzy caterpillars?! We used to come across them all the time. I never knew bugs could be fuzzy, but here we are.

Cat yoga

from Eyebleach
Excuse me, this cat is very busy, doing her stretches. This is her private time and if you wouldn't mind, please leave the bedroom and shut the door behind you.

Polar bear family

from Eyebleach
This entire polar bear family is full of furry models, who are so beautiful! They are all cute and good-looking I can't get over it. They need to star in a Coke commercial right this minute.

Singing cat

from aww
Is it just me or does this cat resemble Lady Gage in A Star Is Born?  "I'm off the deep end! Watch as I dive in! I'll never meet the ground!"

Real-life Lion King

from Eyebleach
"See that? Everything you can fling your poo at is ours." "What's that dark, shadowy area over there?" "That's where the elephants poo. We don't go there."

Dog down

from Eyebleach
Girl, I know the feeling. Sometimes you have to lie down on the floor for a minute. I relate.

Best angle

from Eyebleach
Wait, is this an adorable puppy or is this a picture of my mom who accidentally took a selfie while she was trying to like my Instagram post?

Pretty kitty

from Eyebleach
Here you go. You need this picture of a cat in a dress and a flower crown. Share this with someone who could use some eye bleach!