Adorable Yoda Bookends Use the Force to Hold up Books | 22 Words

The world may be gushing over baby Yoda, but there's no denying that the original Jedi Master remains as one of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise.

And for those who are a firm fan of Yoda, you're in luck, as you can now buy a bookend featuring the legendary character. Although, this is no ordinary bookend...

This will make the perfect gift for any Star Wars fanatic in your life.  Keep scrolling to take a look and to find out how you can get your hands on one.

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises of all time.

It all started in 1977, with the first, eponymous movie - and it quickly became a widespread phenomenon.

Since then, there have been many iterations.

The first film, now known as episode four, was followed by 2 sequels. These 3 movies are now known as the original trilogy.

The movies were universally acclaimed.

They featured tons of amazing early special effect sequences, plus fascinating and deeply human character studies.

They also featured an all-star cast.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo was a perfect choice and fans still look back on this era fondly. One legendary Star Wars actor recently came out as gender fluid - read more at the end.

And that wasn't all.

The original trilogy also starred national treasure, Carrie Fisher, as Princess Lea - and left the part with big shoes to fill!

The original trilogy was followed by more films.

The next part of the Star Wars franchise was a trilogy of prequel movies, which were released between 1999 and 2005.

These movies were a huge commercial success.

Dubbed "The Tragedy of Darth Vader," this was many young people's introduction to the immersive Star Wars universe.

Star Wars even has a national holiday.

Based on a common mishearing of the famous line from the film, May the 4th is now recognized worldwide as a day to celebrate the movies.

The franchise has since had another revival.

The sequel trilogy of movies came out between 2015 and 2019, alongside two theatrical anthology films, Rogue One and Solo.

And who can forget Rise of the Skywalker?

The movie, which hit theaters last month, caps off the decades-long franchise.

For Star Wars fanatics, it's the must-see movie of the entire year.

And many eagerly flocked to theaters to get their final fix of the iconic intergalactic saga.

But there's one fact that still remains...

While the world is currently obsessing over baby Yoda thanks in no small part to Disney's The Mandalorian), the original Jedi Master will always one of the most legendary characters to come out of the franchise.

Master Yoda is truly a beloved part of the Star Wars universe.

The small but wise character has become something we all associate with the iconic saga.

And now you can pay homage to the iconic character with a newly released piece of merchandise.

...a Yoda bookend.

The unique bookend was first spotted on Reddit.

And now fans are desperate to get one of their own.

We need this in our lives.

It might not hold a ton of books, but it certainly makes a cool gift for the Star Wars fanatic in your life. Keep scrolling to see how you can get your hands on your very own.

But this bookend is unique for one huge reason...

The slanted design gives the effect that Yoda is using the force to do all the heavy lifting.

And we have to admit, the effect is striking.

The bookend adds a little bit of quirkiness to your home decor. Keep scrolling to see the end result and where you can buy.

And due to it's one block color...

Fans of the Star Wars universe can let their geeky side out without ruining the aesthetics of their home interior.

The end result?

The Yoda metal bookend is available to buy from Hallmark and will set you back $19.95. For more Star Wars related-news, keep scrolling to learn about which Star Wars actor recently came out as gender fluid.