Adult film star, Dakota Skye, has been found dead aged just 27.


Heartbreaking news just in, the legendary adult film star, Dakota Skye, has tragically been found dead at the age of just 27.

The 27-year-old was found dead by her husband in Los Angeles, believed to be in a recreational vehicle, according to a close family member.

She died just a year after losing her own mother, according to her aunt.


Skye, who was born Lauren Scott, died just a year after losing her own mother to addiction, and her family was riddled with problems of all sorts, according to Skye's aunt.

Speaking to The Sun, her aunt explained:

She died almost exactly two years after her mother, my baby sister's, death which was caused by addiction and alcoholism. Lauren was a product of a highly dysfunctional family involving drugs, alcohol, physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse.

A Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's Office says Skye's death is being investigated.

Tragically, Skye was listed as homeless at the time of her death, which comes just weeks after she made headlines for the controversy surrounding her topless photos in front of a George Floyd mural.

At the time Skye said the photo was "celebrating BAD cops being checked with abusing there authority against human beings" - however many still found the photo, which was swiftly deleted, disrespectful.

Her aunt also wrote to Facebook: "If you are Suffering from Addiction, I beg you to get help!!"

Her aunt added to The Sun:

She was the sweetest girl. She lived with me when she was a baby. She loved her family. All of her money she gave back to help her mom and brothers.
She was an addict and an alcoholic. But really all she was doing was searching for love, someone to care about her.

"I was so scared about her. She was in so much pain. I thought she was going to make it. She had been clean for weeks."Many have been paying tribute to Skye, including her friend and porn industry insider James Bartholet, who told AVN Magazine:

Dakota was a dear friend and part of our industry family, and we are saddened by her loss. She still had so much more to give to the world and to the industry, and I'm just very saddened and at a loss for words.

At the time of writing, Skye's cause of death remains unconfirmed.

Our thoughts go out to Skye's family and friends during this unbelievably hard time.

She was just 27.

Rest in peace.