25 Pieces of Logic About Adult Life No One Prepares You For

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Adulting: that phrase we all laugh about but are actually kind of afraid to take seriously. Then we just keep laughing to get through it. One day you wake up, and you have to make your own doctor’s appointments and pay these things called taxes. There are lots of little things, and big things, that you’ll never fully be prepared for. Once you realize we’re all just figuring it out together, it gets easier.

Whether you’re ready or not, adulting is coming for you. Some Reddit users commented on adult problems that no one told them about, serious and unexpected, silly and quite laughable, but most of all, relatable.

“You can do ‘whatever you want’, meaning you now have to figure out what the hell you need to do rather than getting told, and then make yourself do it.” @Mechasteel It seems like a dream come true that no one is telling you what to do anymore. It’s a whole new world, which is what can make it kind of scary. Being an adult is a lot about self-discipline and telling yourself to do something.

“Everything you wanted to do as a kid is no longer fun. Junk food? Enjoy heartburn and obesity. Theme parks? Exhausting, expensive and the rides make you motion sick now.” @Mechasteel Yeah this one is a bummer. I can’t eat a large McDonald’s french fry by myself without some serious consequences.

“Realizing that making and keeping friends is extremely hard. People drift apart pretty easy.” @discovery_as Relationships do get a little harder. Not impossible, but they do require a lot more intentionality and effort than before. But the good ones will stick and make it work!

“Everyone expects you to buy them f***ing Christmas presents now.” @Ditred01 It was acceptable before to not buy a million presents during the holiday season, but now, everyone, including their dogs, want a Christmas present and it definitely gets a little expensive.

“Once you’re out of school, working for a few years, you realize that society stops telling you what to do…. which can be freeing! But it can also be terrifying. I know people who have literally just jumped into grad school and ph.d programs because it was such a clearer path for them.” @readycent School always provided a clear schedule and once you enter adulthood, things can look a little blurry; every week functions differently. I used to get sick of the rigid schedule of college, but there are times that I miss the security of knowing what to expect every week. Now, it’s a lot about being flexible and adjusting to whatever life throws at you.

“Balancing life in general. Between working full-time, maintaining a healthy romantic relationship, eating healthy, staying active, having to go grocery shopping, paying the bills, all while having to stay in contact with close friends and family… Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough time in life!” @lenerz It can be a little overwhelming at first and it definitely takes time and practice to learn how to balance all these things, but it’s not impossible. Time management is a crazy important skill to learn as you get older.

“I feel like grocery shopping and cooking your own meals is an endless video game that even when you think you’re ahead you’re always behind.” @demarderollins This one is so real. I always wonder how all my food goes so quickly…oh it’s because I ate it all in one day, even though it was supposed to last me all week. I’m still learning.

“Money to buy video games and no time to play them.” @A_Cossssssby_Sweater

“Deciding what to eat…Every. Single. Day.” @catch10110 Can I just eat Mac & Cheese everyday? Is that not an option?

“Remembering which night is trash night.” @ashelyjo14 I mean it’s the same night, but every week I still seem to forget. Maybe one day I’ll get it down.

“When you pay all your bills on payday and then realize you nothing left.” @fantasticmrfox_thm

“Having to make new friends. I know it sounds weird but it’s a lot harder when you don’t have a group of people your age that you automatically hang out with 5 days a week. You have to go out and find them on your own!” @vivalajordan12 It’s weird for a lot of people! This is where you learn to be brave and put yourself out there. It takes time, so don’t expect to make BFFs right away; don’t give up!

“That a house needs CONSTANT cleaning. Like, you can’t just wait until it’s messy and do it all in an afternoon. You need to put in an hour or so every day, or just accept your fate and die under a pile of garbage.” @EffityJeffity Cleaning a little everyday will ultimately make life easier for yourself than coming home at the end of the week to a laundry tornado. Or death by your own garbage pile. No one wants that.

“There was no class that taught me what a deductible is and that’s a shame.” @Mr_FreddyKnuckles

“Appointments. Doctor’s Appointments, Bank appointments, etc. My parents are both professors so these weren’t particularly hard for them to keep up with because of their varied schedules. I work 7:30 to 5 and have no clue how I’m expected to keep up on everything without taking time off work.” @brickwall5 My dad still has to remind me about this one. It seems like it would be super obvious, but sometimes it’s the last thing on your mind, and that’s okay! Just make sure you don’t wait too long, because before you know it, it’s been four years since you’ve seen your dentist. Scary.

“The loss of summer vacation.” @verdantsf Yeah, this one is still hard to accept. Rest in peace to all my summer vacations; you were always good to me.

“ALL OF THE LOOSE LINT THAT COLLECTS ON TOP OF THE DRYER WHEN YOU PULL YOUR LINT TRAP TO CLEAN IT.” @nxckmxy This one drives me crazy! I forget for like, two weeks then all of a sudden the lint is everywhere and I just am filled with so much regret. Must master the art of cleaning out the lint trap!

“Being tired all the time. :/” @maklershed Oh, the good old college days where you could function off of three hours of sleep and a couple energy drinks. Things have changed. It’s not so much that you’re busier, but it takes less to wear you out. A trip to the grocery store? I’m exhausted. Taking the dog for a walk? Nap, ASAP. It’s the little things that can wear you out.

“Credit card debt. I got a credit card about six months after I graduated college, and nobody ever told me making a cash advance on it was a TERRIBLE idea. Five years later, I’m still literally paying for that mistake.” @PAKMan1988 This one is serious! A credit card is a big responsibility. Also, no one ever told me about what a credit score is so yeah I’ve had to google that one a couple times.

“Commuting. I never considered how much it actually takes and costs to get to and from work. In my couple jobs I’ve had over the past 10 years, one of the biggest factors in how happy I was at work was how long my commute was. Sitting in traffic for 2-3 hours a day is brutal. You can’t really be productive, you can’t not pay attention, you have to pay for gas and watch your car degrade over the miles, and it just takes so much time.” @isjustwrong Sometimes those long commutes can’t be avoided, especially if you live somewhere like Los Angeles. Traffic sucks, but it doesn’t have to suck the life out of you! There are ways to make those long drives a little more productive. Listen to some podcasts or an audiobook. Call your parents! Or a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. It makes the drive go by faster and it’s a great time to catch up with friends and family.

“The realization that, while money is important, time is the most valuable resource there is.” @martin30r Yes, money is awesome and your college career might have told you that it is the most important thing after you graduate, but time is just as valuable. Just like with money, use it wisely because it’s precious!

“TAXES AND WHY THEY ARE SO F***ING COMPLICATED. No but for real like any government document.” @Shrimpass W-4? W-2? 1040 EZ?! Help me!

“If you don’t unfroze the meat you won’t have dinner.” @WickedCorgi Unfreeze your meats. Maybe another adult problem is correct grammar? What’s worse than misspelling words as an adult is salmonella. Yeah, that escalated quickly I know. But seriously. Thaw your meats, people.

“Well a sewer pipe broke in my basement last night and I’ve spent the last 12 hours learning to how to recouple the pipes and cleaning piss water off the floor. No one prepared me for that.” @Mc_Engineer I don’t think anyone could ever prepare you for that, but way to be an adult and handle that s**t. Literally.

“Remembering what day of the week it is.” @elee0228 This has happened to me multiple times. It’s okay to get Tuesday and Thursday mixed up. Hey, growing up is scary and weird. You learn more every day. No one gets it right and there are a million different ways to be an adult. Show yourself some love and take it one day at a time. We’re all doing the best we can.