#AdultingIn5Words Proves Growing Up Isn't Always Easy | 22 Words

Once you reach your 20s, playtime's over, in a manner of speaking. You've got responsibilities now, for better or worse. Recently, people have taken to Twitter sharing their most brutal "I guess I'm a grown up now" stories using the hashtag #AdultingIn5Words, and the tweets will be all to relatable. For those of us who have grown up, anyway.

Decisions must be made.

They're not always easy decisions, but they're still the RIGHT decisions, as unpleasant as they might be at the time.

This could be the name of a life-long story.

It's a constant game of whack-a-mole trying to manage in the influx and outflows of cash. Just wait until you get a house and a family!

Ok. Being on your own does have its perks.

I'm not saying you should eat cake for breakfast, but it helps to get through life knowing that no one can stop you from doing it.

We've all been there.

Similarly, tying your shoe feels like an Olympic yoga competition. Meanwhile, you're looking at baby photos when you were gnawing on your toes. Not fair, is it?


There is helpĀ but knowing how to find it is its own special set of skills. Don't worry. It DOES get easier, but you've gotta make mistakes to get there.

I think that might be protected by copyright.

But I know the feeling. The buck stops with you, so it's, for better or worse, all your responsibility to run your own life. Other people are tapped out trying to manage theirs.

That should just be on a business card you hand to people.

Of course, it's better than NOT having work tomorrow. That's a special kind of sad availability. Be glad you're burdened with a job, folks.

Oh, come on. Don't be cynical.

You didn't think adulthood was like the Emerald City or something, did you? It's as good as you can make it, but we're glad you can get a kick out of it on Twitter!

Well...that's not necessarily true.

You can always be a school teacher. The world needs more, and while the pay sucks, you can certainly keep hours similar to your students'.

Have you considered eating cake for breakfast?

I've heard just thinking about it has a way of diffusing tense situations. It's not as bad as it seems. Just breath and keep moving.

They're out there, and the kind ones are happy to help.

It helps to remember that NO ONE really knows what they're doing, they just get more comfortable not knowing, and that's when you can kick back and really enjoy the madness that is adulthood.